Well all know that thrifting can get a little addictive.  But can you be addicted to buying the the same thing while thrifting?  There once was a time where anytime I found a french provincial piece of furniture, I wanted it. That’s probably why I have two french dressers and two french nightstands sitting in my garage now.

Lately, I’ve been “hunting” for other objects that I’m starting to have a fascination with.  For starters, vintage globes

Globes on white glass cabinet


I currently have a love jones for vintage globes.  Though I only have two so far (It’s hard finding them while thrifting), I’ve been very close to spend big bucks on some of the ones listed on Etsy.  I want a black globe and I doubt I’ll come across one at a thrift store.  Oh, and lets not forget the small globes… I DIE.



My next obsession is vintage Pyrex bowls

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If this were my collection (below), I would definitely be in heaven!


Next on the list are bread boards

Pinned Image


I have a fabulous bread board that I purchased on Etsy, but I want/need more!

book club meeting

Gimme gimme gimme!

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What do you find yourself collecting while thrifting? Maybe I need to add it to my listWinking smile 


Decor & Harmony said...

Great post :) I'm not much of a collector....I hate to dust. I do love the basket with the cutting boards in it....now that I can do! Have a great weekend!

Sing said...

I'm not much of a home decor collector, but the globes are really cool.

Tonia B. said...

I tend to collect brass bowls, trays and candle holders and milk glass

Becki said...

Love the globes! And the turquoise pyrex - I have a few pieces that I got for my wedding - 41 years ago!

Laeh J said...

I'm trying to do this with globes two. For the past month, I've found several at all three of the TJX stores (Marshalls, TJMaxx and HomeGoods). All were around $12 a piece. You might try there.

Shelly said...

I love thrifting and my obessions are vintage jewelry, silver serving pieces and vintage handbags. All things I actually use so the investment (spending) is worth it.
p.s. I've seen a couple of globes at My Favorite Place on Peachtree Industrial.

Dee said...

I have two globes, a traditional one with pastel colors for $2 and a beautiful one originally from Pottery Barn ($4), such a great find! I also love to collect vintage Pyrex casserole dishes with a pattern my Mom had in my childhood home. Great post, thanks for sharing!

Shannon said...

Great post! I bought my first globe this week on clearance at Homegoods and It's black. I keep looking at it and think I want more. My house and garage are FULL. No more stuff till I edit and purge.

ruthie said...

I love the look of all those globes. Also I love the colors of the pyrex bowls. Everything cycles! Too bad we can't hang onto everything we once had and will have in the future!

Kelly at My Colorful Cottage said...

I looove that last photo! so pretty. I love to collect things I actually use like milk glass vases for flowers, etc. and vintage china:)