First it was bead board, now it’s butcher block.  What direction am I going in exactly with this kitchen of mine?

Well, that’s easy.  I’m headed in this direction



First off, let me just admit that I have completely given into my love of cottage design.  To be honest, I’m not even sure if it’s called cottage, or shabby chic, or what.  All I know if that I’m totally digging slipcovered sofas, wood, burlap (gasp!), etc.. I’ll talk about my “new” style later (if I can pull it offSmile)

Back to the butcher block, I went out to IKEA last week to take a look at the two butcher block I had been seeing circling the blogs.

LAGAN (which is the thinner butcher block)


and NUMERAR (the thicker oak)


Like I said, seeing it in these kitchens made me want to check them out in person so off to IKEA I went! 

LAGAN countertop

LAGAN is definitely a little thinner than NUMERAR…just a smidge thinner

LAGAN compared to NUMERAR

And although I purchased LAGAN, I think NUMERAR may be a better choice.

NUMERAR oak counertop 2

NUMERAR oak countertop


If you haven’t clicked on the links for the countertops, the price differences are significantly different.  For the amount I would need in the LAGAN BB, the total would be $255.26.  If I purchased NUMERAR the total would be $447.86.  Again, the would type is different and LAGAN is a smidge thinner. Which one would you choose??? Oh and those prices are with shipping.


Carmel @ Our Fifth House said...

I think you made the right choice. I don't think they look different enough to warrant paying the difference. I love the new style you're leaning towards!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I love my new butcherblock countertops. You won't regret it at all! Got mine locally at Southeastern Salvage. They're rubberwood. Personally, I prefer the thicker countertops, they just look more substantial.


Brandi said...

I love the look of butcher block counters. Along with the beadboard, it will look great in your kitchen.

Mrs. Chic said...

I love butcher block counters and many times thought about using in our kitchen, but just worry its too much wood (with our floors and all) Anyways I guess it depends on the quality and warranty and ease of taking care of the two that would help me decide which one is the better deal in the long run.

La Monica said...

I love the look of butcher block counter tops and I'm diggin' the look you're going for in your kitchen. So where do/will you take the butcher block to be cut to fit your sink?

crisangsteninteriors.com said...

OMG! I have loved that 2nd photo for EVER, used it in a client proposal years ago and never could find the original source. Now that I've seen the original Country Farmhouse Kitchen I'm even more impressed.
Oh and you cannot beat butcher block. I like kitchens to show their use, many surfaces just permanently look pristine, and kitchens are USED and loved!!!

Tammy @ Type A said...

i like the thicker, but what ever you do will be gorgeous! i can't wait to see it in place!

Dee said...

I love the look of your kitchen... awesome job.

knack said...

I have been eyeing these butcher block counter tops at IKEA for a bit, and you may have just convinced me to make a purchase! I still have the original counter tops in my kitchen from the 70's...and they are butcher block......but not wood.....laminate :}

Decor & Harmony @ 4290 said...

You are on a roll with your kitchen just keep pluggin' along it's going to so fabulous when its all finished.

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

I think you already know which I would pick! This will look fantastic in your kitchen, can't wait to see it installed. Janell

Angeline said...

Ooh I want this counter - I think they are equally beautiful!