I have yet to use chalkboard paint in my home. Not because I don't like it, but because I have not found a place that I think it would work. I've thought about using it in my boys (nick and Bren) room, but I want to use it somewhere that would benefit me too!


(Country Living)

So I got to thinking....My refrigerator would totally be cool if I used chalkboard paint on it!

Don't you think so?! Or did I just lose a few of you as followers?!!!

Have you or do you plan to use chalkboard paint in your home? Or, do you think its a bit played now and its time to move on to something else? Come on, let me know your thoughts!




Kate is having a fun linky party where she asks the question:

What corner of your world have you dedicated to spending time online?

This is a great question because right now, I'm displaced! Since moving from my closet office

Due to my oldest getting his own room, I've been trying to find another little nook of my own

I'm thinking my living room would be the perfect place since it's rarely used and because I love the idea of having a desk in front of that window!

We'll see what I decide! So where do you blog?! Link up to Centsational Girl's Party and let us see!



I finally finished the the mobile for the nursery! And while it was an easy project, it definitely took some creative thinking to get it right!

I started with one of these needle point “hoop” or rings (what is the correct term?)

I found a bunch at Goodwill for 99 cents!

nursery 055

Took out the inside of the ring

nursery 056

I primed it because it was bare wood

nursery 061

While the primer dried

nursery 062

I decided to work on the objects that will hang from the ring.

The wooden bird cut outs were found at Michael’s and the trees and owls were found at Hobby Lobby ( the acrylic paint and mod podge can be found at either store)

nursery 059

Starting with the birds, I had to decide if I wanted to paint them or come up with something else

nursery 057

I decided to use scrapbook paper on them in three different patterns

nursery 058

Turning the paper over (notice that everything I buy is on some type of clearance (these sheets were 10 for $1!)

nursery 064

I traced the birds on the back of the paper

nursery 065

nursery 066

Then I cut it out using the boys craft scissors!

nursery 069

nursery 070

And traced the bird on the other side

nursery 067

I tried to peel the sticker off of the bird but it didn’t come off that well, so I decided to just let them stay…

nursery 071

I applied my first layer of mod podge to the wooden bird and then placed the paper cut out on top

nursery 073

Then, on top of the paper, I applied another layer of mod podge

nursery 075

nursery 077

I love how the different patterns work together

nursery 078

**Side Note** If there is excess paper after you have glued it to the bird, use an X-acto knife to trim the edges

nursery 079

Moving back to the 'ring’ I chose a paint color and began painting

nursery 074

nursery 083

The color is ‘Seafoam Green’

nursery 085

nursery 084

After the ‘ring’ was painted and dry, I had to figure out how to hang the birds from it

nursery 089

I started with two nails and a hammer

nursery 095

nursery 094

by the way, I used another ring to test my idea which was great because as you can see from the image below, the larger nail split the wood

nursery 097

small nail it is! Just nail a small hole into the ring

nursery 098

nail as many wholes as you need

nursery 099

Since that went so well, I did the same thing would work with the birds, owls, and trees

nursery 100

I used clear monofilament **i say fishing line!**

nursery 092

and threaded it through the birds and the ring'

nursery 104

nursery 103

Here is a glimpse of the mobile in the room!

nursery 109

(the string is not that visible in person)

And while I was there, I hung the wall cards! (Last night I received a call from my sister telling me they were falling…great just great!)

nursery 107

I have yet to finish the changing table and the pillow covers should be here by Wednesday! Sooo….hopefully I’ll have a finished nursery to show you next week. Oh and if we’re lucky, a baby too!

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