Before I get to this post, I would like to mention that My son Big Boy room is being featured by Roeshel at The DIY Show Off!

The DIY Show Off

Thanks A Lot Roeshel!!!

This weekend I was able to go over to my sister in laws home and work on the nursery. The first project I decided to work on is the crib skirt! I got this idea from Sherry who made a crib skirt for her daughter.

Here is the steps that I took:

I started with this shower curtain from Target

nursery 018

After figuring out the measurements needed for the crib skirt, I started to mark the fabric. The width is 50” and the length/height/drop of the skirt will be 16”

nursery 024

I started with the drop of the skirt. The finished ‘drop’ will be 16” and the stitch witchery is 1” wide so I had to add that to my measurement. If I was using a regular cut of fabric without a hem already (see above photo), then I would have added another inch to cover the bottom hem

nursery 026

Then, it was time to measure out the width of the skirt (Below)

nursery 022

because I’m using one side of the shower curtain has the hem, again I only had to add an inch to the the measurement to make up for the hem tape so instead of 50” I measured up to 51”

Below is where I made my first cut. Because of where I made my mark at 51”, I was able to cut along the green stripe!

nursery 029

Once I cut to my pen mark…

nursery 027

I folded the fabric up to make my final cut along the crease

nursery 030

nursery 020

Here is the cut fabric. Now its time to hem the raw edges!

nursery 031

I did it the same way I did when I made the the curtains for the ‘Big Boy’ room.

nursery 033

Lay out the fabric, place the hem tape on top, then fold and iron

nursery 034

nursery 032

Next its time to add the strips of velcro to attach it to the crib frame

nursery 039

I put the soft side on the fabric so it can be washed with other items without getting ‘attached’ to it

nursery 038

Then I applied the skirt to the frame

nursery 040

One side down, two more to go!

nursery 043

Next up in the nursery project…. A DIY mobile!

Have you ever made a crib skirt? Or a bed skirt for that matter! I need to learn how to make one of those too!


Tonia Lee Smith said...

Looking good. Looking good. As normal I'm sure that it's going to be gorgeous.

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

It looks great, love the tutorial...and smart move, bedding for a nursery can be very expensive! Janell

Stacy of KSW said...

NOw isn't that a brilliant idea! Why didn't I think of that? Seriously wished you were closer, just imagine the damage we could do together!

Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

Love this!! You, my friend, are a DIY Rock Star!!!

Erika Ward said...

So excited about your progress with this nursery and the DIY crib skirt was a great money saver! You're such a DIY Show Off ;-)

Mom of 2 Cuties @ Sprinkles of Joy and Laughter said...

What a sweet project for you to work on. Your tutorial was great and gets me think'n I could do panels. Stitch Witch is our friend!!

Karen said...

I love a girl whose not afraid of a little velcro! You're so creative!

Sing of Singature Style said...

Good job. I'm all about the no-sew projects. My friend has that shower curtain in her bathroom, love the colors.


Unknown said...

The bed skirt looks so amazing, love it!! :)

Congrats on being featured in Diy show off :)

Kelly said...

just discovered you blog through a post on the DIY Showoff about your big boys room! It turned out so amazing and really gives me some ideas for my 2 y/o's room. Can't wait to read about your other projects!

nina@themissadventuresofnina said...

ACK! I "sew" wish I had someone like you when I was expecting my little one. Can I borrow you as a long lost sister for my next one?
Hey, I can feed you all the Spanish food you like *wink*
Seriously I'm loving it and its just the skirt!

René said...

I can't believe you have already finished this. It is amazing what one can accomplish once school starts, no? It looks great.


Pooja said...

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