office/dressing room plans

Happy Tuesday! How was your Labor Day weekend?  Yesterday marked the 2 year anniversary of my weight loss journey and I really just played it low key.  It's funny how I finished the 30 days of Keto and the closest I came to a cheat meal was a bowl of turkey chili and some watermelon.  Like I keep telling you guys, once you make this your life, your entire mindset on food changes.
But all of that aside, today I wanted to discuss my office and soon to dressing room and office combo.  I haven't done  much in the space except for move some things around a few times just to get an idea of what it is I want the space to feel like.  My process for decorating is very drawn out because I really have to look at the space over and over again a few different ways because I can say "ok, I know what I'm going to do."  Here's a glimpse of one side of the room.  I moved my desk up against the right wall.  It was in the middle, but it doesn't make much sense for it to be positioned there anymore.  I brought in my handbags and a few pairs of my shoes already, but it's all go to have to leave for now because I need to finish painting the space.
Plans for the space are as follows:
* Finish painting
* bring in larger French dresser painted black
* paint and bring in mirror
* new light fixture
* swap out the bookcases for single column style (paint them)
* purchase smaller desk
* take out pink dresser from closet and replace with white bookcase
* find another desk chair or paint and reupholster current chair
* style and organize space
The closet in the space currently is home to the pink dresser I mentioned replacing.  Though I love the dresser and the color, it's just not right for the space and it doesn't fit my style anymore.  What I've come to realize about myself is that although I love color, I really don't care for much of it in my closet or in my home.  If I do use colors, I like little pops of it here and there and this dresser is just too much.  I think the white KALLAX bookcase from IKEA will be a perfect swap and I can add woven baskets to it for a little texture.  The new French dresser that will take it's place in the room is larger and I will be painting it black.  It's so funny because it took a minute for me to come to that conclusion because I love it's current color, but again, it's not what I'm going for.  Stay tuned for that!
I'll be posting here for most of the week, but probably not on instagram.  I'm just needing a little time for myself.  When you give so much of yourself to others, you need time to refuel.  And though I'll be doing different things around my house and posting here on my blog, it's really a breath of fresh air to do and it's my way of refueling.
Stay tuned for more updates!


Step back to move forward

 During our last shoot, my photographer and I went back to my old neighborhood in Old Fourth Ward here in Atlanta.  If you're not from Atlanta, or not familiar with that area at all, I'm sure you're familiar with Dr. Martin Luther King.  Well, his childhood home is located in Old Fourth Ward which so happened to be down the street from my house as a kid.  It's funny how when things are the norm to you, it's taken for granted.  Now when I go by, I'm always in disbelief that the house that my kids think is awesome (because Dr. King once lived there), me and my sister would skip by headed to the library without giving it a second thought.
I wanted to go there and shoot because I wanted to capture how a once poor young girl managed to grow up and beat the hand of cards she was dealt.  I won't go into details with my life's story just yet, but I'll tell you this, where I came from can not compare to where I am today.  And honestly, it's all because deep down, I knew I was destined for better.  Though I'll never take credit for how my life turned out. I know for a fact that God carried me and continues to carry me.



Going back to that neighborhood lit a fire inside of me.  Lately I've been nervous to move forward with plans I've set because I go back and forth on if it's the right move, or if I'm the one that could pull something like this off.  Last night, I sent out a text message to a group of people just to get their feedback.  I was pleasantly surprised to read what they had to say! They all got it without me elaborating further! That was a sign.  A sign that confirmed that maybe, just maybe, I'm on to something.  So as I look at these images of the now business woman sitting directly across the street from her childhood home... A home that she shared with upwards of 8 people who was barely making it on a welfare check and food stamps, I can say that it is indeed time to move forward in my plans.  I was put here for a purpose.   I will spend the rest of my life "Purposefully Being".

Jeans//Hat- Gap clearance//Top//shoes- clearance//Jewelry//

All images by the fabulous Kaye McCoy!