First I want to thank everyone for your support on my weight loss journey! From your advice on types of exercise, shoe suggestions, and even an invite to a Facebook group with a great group of women…Thank You!

So, I finally found me some shoes


They are Asics Gel-Nimbus 12 and they are heaven (and they have my favorite color purple on them)!  Like OMG, the best $125 I’ve spent in a while.  But guess what?  Their cheaper online at Lady Foot Locker

So I’m back at the mall, but this time I’m outside of the mall!


I park all the way at the top of the parking lot, then I walk down the hill and begin my walk around the entire mall




I have my earphones on while I listen to Pandora.  I like to mix it up between my Toni Braxton, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce.  But I’ll be lying if I didn’t say I mix in a little Jay-Z and KanyeSmile


If you thought I was cute at all, these images may just change your mind!


So after 35 minutes (that’s how long it takes me to walk around the entire mall), its time for me to head up the hill to my truck


By then, I’m a hot sweaty mess! But I feel soooo good afterwards!  The walk outside of the mall is so much better with all of the twists and turns and slopes and hills.  I feel like I get a better workout.  Plus, the breeze is so good.

Last week I lost 1.2lbs so now I’m down to 273!  My counselor told me that the 4lbs I lost the first week was water weight and that I’m on track when I’m losing 1-2lbs a week.  I can’t wait to see what I weigh on Friday.  I have about two more weeks on my trial Jenny Craig program and I’m wondering if I should continue with it.  My friend Kathysue told me that after 3 weeks of doing something, it becomes a habit.  She was totally right! My body don’t even crave snacks like it use to.  Plus I’m full faster and the size of the meals through Jenny Craig does not bother me at all.  I actually am full before I finish eating!

I’ll keep you posted of my progress!


Am I the only excited about Beyonce being pregnant?! Seriously, I cried a littleLaughing out loud




Last week I was at Goodwill and I came across a few pieces of art and tweeted them





Out of the three, the cherry blossom branch got the most feedback even when I pushed the one of the barn and mountain scene. 


This was my personal favorite, but because no one commented on it, I left it behind.  Well, I left them all behind.  But now I wish I would have gotten the last one.  It reminds me of this scene which is actually down the street from my house


I took this picture with my camera phone while my husband was driving.  I love passing by this old barn and field.  There’s another scene down the street from my house that is beautiful but it’s hard to get a good picture of. 

Anyway, what I realized from tweeting those pictures is that art is really a personal preference.  I loved that painting of the barn and the mountain because it really could have been an image from my back (front) yard… It reminded me of home.  Another thing I took from that experience is how someone could see a nice scenery and love it, but then its hip enough to be in their home. 

I’ve said all of this to say, its nice to get feedback from others.  But when it comes down to it, the only opinion that matters is yours.  If you like or love something, and the next person doesn’t, who cares.  Live with what YOU love and not what everyone else like.





That’s the question I’m asking myself.  I have everything in this room that I wanted when I started planning the design for it.  So why is it that I don’t consider it complete?

I have a headboard


I have nightstands and lamps


I have curtains on the window


I have a beautiful chandelier


I have a vintage dresser and ornate mirror

master bedroom 037

I have a gallery wall of pretty wildflowers

master bedroom 047

I have a chair and side table

chair in master bedroom4


I have all of this in my bedroom, but I still don’t consider it complete…. WHY???

Oh, I remember… Because I still can’t find the right BEDDING!!!!

bedskirt 033

Feel free to cry with me Crying face


WEIGHT LOSS WEDNESDAY: Adding exercise and finding shoes

Last Wednesday I mentioned that I started the Jenny Craig program for a few weeks. I have to go in once a week for a weigh in and to talk with my program counselor about how my week went.  Well, when I went in on Friday for weigh in, I had lost a whopping 4lbs!  That’s HUGE for me!  My first meeting to get started in the program, I remember being asked how would I feel once I lost 20lbs and I said if I lost 5 I would be happy! So to hear that I lost 4 I was blown away!  And for the record, let me say that I started the program on Sunday after my first visit and weigh in on Saturday (got that?).


So I’m halfway through my second week today and everything is going great.  I did have a bad day on Monday.  I was in a funk for really no reason.  My day started out great.  I woke up, got the boys off to school and went up to the mall for the walk-about that takes place at the mall early in the morning before it opens. Quick story, I knew heading up to the mall that there were going to be majority older people there because I’ve done this before after my oldest son was born.  But back then I was more active so I could hang with the best of them when it came to walking.  Well on Monday, those older women (and men!), were passing me left and right! I felt soooo lame!  I’m laughing right now just thinking about it.  I tried to blame it on the shoes I was wearing because I had on my All Stars (Converse) which I do know aren’t walking shoes, but they are the only athletic shoes I owned at the time.  Anyway, lessoned learned. 

Since I am adding exercise now, I’m wondering what else I could do besides walking?  I need to work on my arms and my stomach.  I’m kind of discouraged about my stomach because I have had three cesareans and it just seems like there isn’t any hope for it! Do you have any suggestions? 

Also, what are some good shoes for walking? I have to keep up with my walking buddies Winking smile



Hi guys! Quick note to anyone interested in purchasing two pillow covers and inserts that I originally purchased for my bedroom.  I have changed directions (just a tad bit) and no longer need themSad smile

Set of Two - Decorative Pillow Covers - P Kaufmann - Floral - 17x17 inches - Chartreuse - Mauve - Plum - Throw Pillows - Sofa Pillows

Set of Two - Decorative Pillow Covers - P Kaufmann - Floral - 17x17 inches - Chartreuse - Mauve - Plum - Throw Pillows - Sofa Pillows

I purchased them from Kyoozi on Etsy and they are wonderfully made.  The colors include taupe, chartreuse, and plum.

Set of Two - Decorative Pillow Covers - P Kaufmann - Floral - 17x17 inches - Chartreuse - Mauve - Plum - Throw Pillows - Sofa Pillows

Here is a picture of the only time I used them!

chair in master bedroom4

Purchased for $79 without pillow insert and I’m selling them both for $50 WITH pillow insert!  Oh and they are 18”.

Email me if you’re interested!

lakeitha_duncan (at) yahoo (dot) com

Ps, I lost 4lbs last week! Can I get a woot woot?! I’ll talk more about that on “weight loss” Wednesday!



I’m trying to finish up my two youngest boys bedroom before summer is officially over. 

I purchased the MALM three drawer chest from Ikea to use between the beds to hold their clothes and to serve as their nightstand.  Now I need to find a rug.


I’m still trying to figure out what to use in the corner or on this wall.  I wish I could put a desk here… I’ll figure out something.


I’m going to try to tackle the roller shades for the window in the room… Wish me luck!



Replacing the ceiling fan is still up in the air (get it? up in the airOpen-mouthed smile)


I hate these doors.  Let me rephrase that, I hate what my kids do to these doors! I may take them down…




AND, I have to patch this hole AGAINShifty


I don’t have a lot to do in the space for it to be complete, but it will take me some time.  Should I push for mid September?! I know… I’m just lazySmile with tongue out



$22 each




$75 for both pieces


$15 each




I went to Goodwill over the weekend and wow, they had a lot of goodies! I only purchased the the dresser because I kept second guessing myself.  So by the time I realized I wanted the two green chairs with the wooden arms, they were soldSad smile

Oh well… There’s always something better, right?!  Maybe if I had someone thrifting with me.  Who wants to shop with me this weekend?!?!