Last week I was at Goodwill and I came across a few pieces of art and tweeted them





Out of the three, the cherry blossom branch got the most feedback even when I pushed the one of the barn and mountain scene. 


This was my personal favorite, but because no one commented on it, I left it behind.  Well, I left them all behind.  But now I wish I would have gotten the last one.  It reminds me of this scene which is actually down the street from my house


I took this picture with my camera phone while my husband was driving.  I love passing by this old barn and field.  There’s another scene down the street from my house that is beautiful but it’s hard to get a good picture of. 

Anyway, what I realized from tweeting those pictures is that art is really a personal preference.  I loved that painting of the barn and the mountain because it really could have been an image from my back (front) yard… It reminded me of home.  Another thing I took from that experience is how someone could see a nice scenery and love it, but then its hip enough to be in their home. 

I’ve said all of this to say, its nice to get feedback from others.  But when it comes down to it, the only opinion that matters is yours.  If you like or love something, and the next person doesn’t, who cares.  Live with what YOU love and not what everyone else like.




Desiree said...

I agree completely. I just purchased some artwork from a thrift store during lunch today. I was always afraid of buying art, but I bought what appealed to me. While it might not appeal to everyone, I will admire it. And isn't that all that matters, that I love it?

Lisa said...

Art is so personal and the wonderful thing about thrift store art is that if you tire of a piece, you didn't invest a lot into it!

Lisa said...

PS I love your fun happy sushiney blog background!

Lori said...

So true, Lakeitha. By the way, I love the photo from you phone the best. You could frame it!
Take care,