Hi guys! As we prepare for our family vacation, I wanted to let you know that the second issue of House of Fifty launches Monday!!! It has been a pure delight working on this issue with Janell and all of the people I interviewed for my articles.  As always, there is something for everyone in this issue and we can’t wait to hear your feedback both good and not so good.


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While working on the holiday issue for House of Fifty, I fantasized about my “dream” house and what I really want in it.  Then I showed my husband a home that I absolutely adored that will (hopefully!) be featured in the magazine.  His reply was “Nice, but how many kids do they have?”.  That got me to wondering…. Is my house not the way I want it to be because of the number of kids we have? Or is it because of their age?  Or, is it because of what I’ve always thought?  Which is because I’m the only one who want certain things and want it to be nice.  The house that my husband grew up in is the exact way it was when his parents purchased it over 20 years ago… Just outdated.  And every time I go over, I can’t help but wonder if his parents ever cared about having a nice home. 

Then I think about my mom and how she never tried to own a home… And how home d├ęcor wasn’t a big deal to her either…

From the time we became homeowners a little over 3 years ago, I knew that I wanted a nice home.  Freshly painted walls, beautifully decorated rooms, and to have it furnished with pieces that we absolutely loved.  I remember when I heard Oprah say that your home should rise up to greet you when you open the door!

What I didn’t realize is that I would be the only one with that vision.

My husband told me that he would love for our home to be nicely decorated, but he does not think that the kids are old enough for us to have what we really want.

I’m having a hard time accepting that.  True, we do have very young kids who will break concrete and make dirt look clean, but I do believe that if you want a nice home, you don’t have to wait on it because you have small children.  From the beginning, I’ve said that I’m trying to have a nice home that’s not overrun by legos and sippy cups.  I’m just now realizing that its possible that I may not achieve that because I’m the only one that want that. 

My husband told me this before he left for work: “Our house is like my work car… I’m not going to wash it often and make sure it’s presentable because its just that, my work car…


“Our future home is like our SUV, big, nice, and not ruined by the kids…”

I wanna say that I understand what he meant, but I have a hard time thinking and believing that because people have children, they can’t have nice things…

To me, living nice and having nice things and a nice home is a lifestyle… A lifestyle that I think children can adjust to if that’s what the parents want..

What do you think???  Does children really dictate how nice your home is?

And before I forget, thanks for all of your comments on my haircut! I really do love itSmile





Lately I have been having the itch to cut my hair.  And when I say lately, I mean for months! I’ve had very short hair in the past, but I have never literally shaved my head…  Well, all of that changed last night!

I went from all of this (which by the way, was cut prior to me leaving for Blogfest in May)

Before shaved head

To this

shaved head after

I parted my hair and put a ponytail at the top and in the back.  I cut the back first because I figured if this was a case of insanity, I could easily fix this problem by heading to the salon and asking for a nice bob or something. But after that back ponytail was cut, I felt so good!!! It really wasn’t hard for me to get to this

hair in sink

This is totally not for everyone, I know, but I must say that I feel so FREE! Like I’m not held down.  So free from a ponytail and flat irons.  But most importantly so free from chemicals.  I have great hair that really does not need many chemicals, but I used them anyway. 

back of shaved head

I tried on this dress last night just to see if I still look like a girl… The answer is no. I LOOK LIKE A WOMAN!!!!




Hi guys! I ‘m popping in just to let you know that I’ve been busy with a few things around the house.  The boys are headed back to school in a few weeks and I wanted to have these little small projects out of the way before then so I can focus on larger ones.

I am working on the two youngest boys rooms

cars bedroom 005

I have added one of these chests to the room and I’ve moved the beds around.


And I need to finish the window treatments for the room using this black and white chevron fabric…


I’m also doing a little something to my oldest sons room


I’ve added a rug to it and moved a few things around..

As far as my room, with the chair now in the space, I’m wondering if I should move the inspiration board from the wall and place another piece of art there

chair in master bedroom

There are so many things that I need to do around my house.  With the boys headed back to school soon, I’m really trying to balance enjoying their summer break and posting my updates here on the blog.  This is not an apology for my lack of posts lately, just an update on what’s going on around these parts and that I’ll blog about everything as soon as I have free timeSmile

I hope you all are enjoying your summer!



QUICK QUESTION: Chair or Table?

I’ve been going back and forth on if I wanted the table to stay in the bedroom of if I wanted to be done with it and put the chair that I found in its place.

I’m sure you remember the table, but for those of you that don’t (and the ones who need to see it again), here it is

skirted table 003

Not bad, but not good either. I just couldn’t get the thought of it looking like a banquet table out of my mind.

all I kept picturing was a round version of this

Not a good lookSmile

So, I finally convinced myself that I could indeed bring the chair up to my room all by myself (my husband obviously forgot I asked him several times).  Here it is in the room

chair in master bedroom3

You must excuse the fact that I took these pictures with my cell phone!

chair in master bedroom4


And let me share a glimpse of my business cards with you while I’m at it

close up of table with business cards

Abby of Flair Designery created these cards for me and I cannot be more pleased with them! Like seriously, I’m so happy with the outcome, I can scream! ahhhhhhhOpen-mouthed smile

Here is a better picture of them

Swoon Worthy Boutique Business Cards

I think that these should be pinned to PinterestWinking smile

oh and if you wanna see the coral table that the cards are sitting on, pop over to my other blog! I swear its deliciousSmile

Anyway, back to the situation at hand… Table or chair???




I hope you guys had a great Independence Day! I spent mine on Craigslist looking for pieces to makeover! Here are a few that I found that I ‘m hoping I get a response about!


image 0

image 2

image 0

image 1


The first image and the this last one (the red dresser) are my favorites.   So my fingers are crossed in hopes that I can get at least one of them!

Have you found any treasures on Craigslist recently?!



Why strolling throw Goodwill, I’ve noticed that their prices have somewhat gone up (insert gasp here).  I mean, I can’t speak for everyone in every part of the country, but as far as the one’s I frequent, the prices aren’t what they use to be.


There was a time that I could go in and find end tables for about $15 (sometimes 5 and 10 bucks!)


Wanted a chest of drawer? Oh that’s a good $25-$30 easily.  Now? AT LEAST $75.  And what’s bad is that the prices have been marked down from previous weeks to that $75 because at first they marked it at $100 or above and people were not buying…

Let me do a side note here: Obviously I know that the prices I am complaining about are still pretty good deals.  I’m just speaking on what I’ve noticed as far as prices being different (higher) than what I would have seen months ago and the years I’ve been thrifting at Goodwill.

etc 021

This piece (above) had been marked down like THREE times! First of all, I would actually spend a little more for this.  But it’s literally falling a part.  And the veneer on the side of the table is falling off.  I’ve been in this same Goodwill for two weeks and it’s still there…

etc 024

I was excited to see this mirror! But when I walked up to it, I was surprised by the price.  $25…WHAT??? What happened to $7?  Again, this may be a deal to some of you, but for me it was surprise!

etc 025

I just knew this table was going to be next to nothing given what had previously been done to it. Nope, $25. If this one gets marked down, I’m buying it!

etc 023

I wanted these SOOOOO bad! They were $30 a piece.  I just about banged my head on the wall.  $30 a each? Oh I totally could have gotten them two for $30 in the past like I did these

etc 032

What I’ve come to realize is that I really have to venture out for my treasures now.  I follow Goodwill on twitter and they follow me, which mean they follow a lot of bloggers and possibly read our blogs (well, actually I KNOW they read our blogs).  They know that we love Goodwill.  What I have decided to do is shop my local not so blogged about thrift shops to find my treasures…

So, have anyone else experienced the recent change in the way Goodwill’s prices have changed?  Or is it just me?  Or have your Goodwill always been on the pricey side?

memorial day 042

I need to learn how to take better pictures of fireworks

memorial day 053

Happy Independence Day to all of my American friends! And thank you for our men and women that fight for our freedom every day and for those that have fought and given their lives for this beautiful country we live in!





MASTER BEDROOM…A chair, a friend, and a baby?

Hello my friends! I’ve so busy with getting things together for my other blog Swoon Worthy Boutique, that I’ve been slacking around here.  Okay, here’s what’s going on…

The table that in the corner of my room

skirted table 003

Well, I’m having a hard time liking it! I know that I am to keep going until I’m done, but when I continue to work around something that I’m not sure I really like, I tend to get uninspired.  What are my plans now?  Well, yesterday I purchased this chair


It’s actually in pretty good condition so for now I’m just going to have it stem cleaned and then put it in my room.  I think I’d like that a lot better than the table!  And on top of that, my pillow covers are scheduled to arrive today! I’m glad you guys like them.  My friend Myssie and I have been going back and forth about these.  We both LOVE the print.  So once she ordered the fabric for herself and sent me a picture of it, I had to get them! Thanks Myssie!

Set of Two - Decorative Pillow Covers - P Kaufmann - Floral - 17x17 inches - Chartreuse - Mauve - Plum - Throw Pillows - Sofa Pillows


And on a side note, I just realized after going over to twitter that Myssie FINALLY gave birth last night to a baby girl!!! Congrats girlSmile


(so cute!!!)

If you’re on twitter please hop over an say congrats to my friend!