Many of you may remember my brown master bedroom

master bedroom nightstand

brown master bedroom



The brown was nice at the time, but I am itching for something lighter


I threw together the above idea board so you can see where I’m headed with my bedrooms redesign. I’m thinking almost white walls with natural colored fabrics. Yellow is still a color of choice and of course a hint of watery blue. What do you think? Is spring making it’s way into your design early?!

Happy Monday!


CARS BEDROOM: Decisions Decisions…

Yesterday I spent a little time playing around in the “cars bedroom”.  I was trying to figure out what I was going to do next in the space.  Every piece of me wants to remove the closet doors, paint the inside black and stick a red campaign dresser in there!  The problem?  I’ve already taken away every other closet in my house!

cars bedroom 004


The ceiling fan needs to go.  I purchased another Ikea MELODI pendant, but I kinda want something different in this space.  Not sure.  May have to think more about it…

cars bedroom 006

I personally don’t like these types of blinds.  You know, the faux wood blinds?  I prefer bamboo blinds, but they won’t work in this space.  Maybe some chevron print window treatments? yeah, maybe….

cars bedroom 007

Furniture… Well the room is not large at all.  As mentioned, I do have a campaign dresser that can be placed in this room, but it will take up too much space.  I added the cubes just to to how a chest or something would look…

cars bedroom 010

seeing the cubes placed by the door made me realize that a chest wouldn’t work there.

cars bedroom 012

Oh yeah, do you see that car?

cars bedroom 013

Here is a better view.  

cars bedroom 003

This little guy have PLENTY of cars to play with! I think the need to take the cars off the wall is just something for him to do!

cars bedroom 016

Today I’m going to try and make it to IKEA.  I have an idea for a rug!  I’ll keep you posted on on what I come up withWinking smile

Happy Wednesday!


CARS BEDOOM: Just in case you’re wondering!


Today I’m in working in the “cars” bedroom and I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that YES, some cars have been pulled off the wall!


See that little dot?


Here is a closer look


I guess my two year old got tired of looking at them on the wall and wanted to play with one!  This happened weeks ago and and the car has since then been replaced.  As you can see, it didn’t do any major damage.  That can easily be fixed! 

You know I had to keep it realSmile

Hopefully I can give you a progress report tomorrow!



Happy Monday guys! Today I'm guest posting over at Chic Modern Vintage. Check me out!

So I’ve already told you guys that I’m a HUGE Candice Olson fan. And last night’s episode of “Candice Tells All” made me fall more in love with her!

Do you see the sofa that she is sitting on? Well that was a vintage sofa that the homeowners didn’t want her to get rid of. So she had it upholstered it in in that fabulous blue fabric that you see and had the wood painted white. Like seriously, it brought the piece all the way into the 21st century!

Here is an image of most of the room


You can’t see the sofa too good in the above image (its in the left corner), but look at those chairs that she had painted white and reupholstered in that funky paisley fabric! The chandelier (which was fine already) was brass and she had it sprayed white which upped the wow factor. The art above the sofa is a mixture of old and new. I love how she used brass frames and white frames! There was also a china cabinet that she had the top part removed and she painted the buffet portion a beautiful shade of blue to coordinate with the other blues in the room.

You guys already know that I like to mix old and new pieces together in a space. This space is a true example of how when it comes to designing a room, EVERYTHING does not have to be new. I have a chair very similar to the pair featured above that I got from goodwill for like 26 bucks! New fabric and spray is all it needs!

vintage cane back chair

(ignore the paint on the floor)

I found this vintage french dresser for $50 on craigslist

vintage french dresser

and this one too that you guys love!


(ignore the missing knob!)

Do you like vintage pieces? What vintage item have you refurbished lately?

If you have a blog, please share a link to it in the comments section. If you don’t have a blog, send me a picture so I can highlight it here!


ScotchBlue Giveaway Winners (A Follow Up)

Hey guys, if your name is on this list for the ScotchBlue painters tape giveaway and you have not emailed me your address, please do so!

1. Nicole Marie
2. Janell
3.Bella loves Pink
4. Tina
5. Jennifer
6. Natasha
8. Alise
10. Chandra
12. Angela
13. Carly




I’m currently digging Ikat prints.  I know that’s nothing new around these parts (blog world), but I’m hoping to bring some into my home in the next couple of months.  For starters, I purchased these cute little bowls from Anthropologie in gray and raspberry

pantry 006

The gray is actually the same color as my walls in the living room!

pantry 004

I have yet to figure out what room they’re going in.  I’m thinking the raspberry in my bedroom to hold jewelry and the gray in one of my bathrooms to hold either soap or more of my jewelry!  I like using different dishes to hold jewelry

master bedroom nightstand

These bowls are just the cutest little bowls and can be used for many different things!  They also come in charteuse and navy!

ikat bowls from anthro

Wanna know how you can win your own set of four?!?!  Head over to Isabella and Max Rooms!


HOUSE OF FIFTY: Finding Inspiration in the Everyday

Happy Monday guys! Today I am excited to announce the upcoming release of the new eZine


Janell Beals, the editor and creator of House of Fifty and Isabella and Max Rooms, has decided to take the online magazine field to new heights! House of Fifty is an online magazine whose focus is to help you find inspiration in everyday life. It will feature DIY projects, meal planning, fashion, interior design, features from bloggers showcasing their amazing talents and stories. It will also touch on different children topics!


House of Fifty is definitely a magazine that is sure to appeal to the masses. Not only will it be full of inspiring images, but also things that are obtainable for the everyday person! I am beyond thrilled that I have been asked to be a part of such a wonderful venture! I look forward to hearing any feedback you may have once the issue premiers May 2011! I hope that you take a moment and show your excitement for the eZine by subscribing today! You know, just so you won’t miss a thingWinking smile

And just incase you're wondering what my role is with the eZine; it’s to scout for talented bloggers in fields such as design, fashion, organization, food, healthy living, DIY, crafts, kids, lifestyle, etc…

Feel free to email me


and follow House of Fifty on twitter


To hear more about the upcoming eZine, head over Janell’s blog Isabella and Max Rooms

To subscribe to the eZine, go to the website HouseofFifty.com

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the magazine!



Many of you may know that the south had snow this week

snow 019

snow 009

It was all nice and cute until it didn’t go anywhere and then turned to ice

snow 010

snow 013

snow 012

So now we are on day four of no school and icy roads.  And although the streets have improved a lot, they’re still dangerous. Getting out there last night to pick my sister up from work, the way my car was sliding on the ice they may as well still look like this

snow 016

And I’m a little on the irritated side since my husband and sister have chosen to go to work while me and four boys are still cooped up here in the house.  We have absolutely nothing to do.  I swear, if I play Candy Land or watch Spider Man one more time…..


How’s the weather on your side of town?!



Candice Olsen is by far one of my all time favorite designers on television (well, aside from Sarah Richardson).

Have you noticed the way she decorates with blue?

What is it about her designs that captivates us? Is it all the sparkle?


Or is it how no matter how luxurious the spaces feel after she is done, there is still a sense of obtainability?


Or is it how she chooses such neutral colors for the walls and the space still feels warm and inviting?

I’ll take a side order of her talent any day of the week!

Who is your favorite designer on television?



It has been brought to my attention that it’s easy to think that some blogger’s have a perfect life and perfect home.  Hmm… I can see that! I can see how a person can read a blog post written by someone with three kids, and they show pictures like these and become discouraged about their own home…


cars bedroom

Let me tell you, things here are not always as perfect as they may appear! Sometimes my dirty clothes are piled high.  Sometimes dinner is late and I have to run out and grab fast food. Sometimes I would like for my husband to help me do some of the projects I do.  Sometimes I just don’t want to do anything around the house because I am completely overwhelmed.  Sometimes the two rooms above look like this

blogging my truth 003

and this

blogging my truth 002

Sometimes I may do a post and say that I will show you the rest tomorrow and I don’t.  Like my family room for instance.  I haven’t shown you my family room because it looks like this

blogging my truth 006

Now who really wants to see a room like that?  I was sick all last week and just didn’t have the energy or strength to do any house work.  Now, do my house look like this all of the time? Of course not.  But it does get like this at times.  I would hate for anyone to think that my life and home is perfect and I doubt any other blogger would want you to feel the same.  I have three boys and a nephew running around all of the time causing mischief

blogging my truth 015 

blogging my truth 016

No one is perfect.  No matter what you see on a blog or TV.  I have to remind myself of that A LOT!  So, whenever you come across a blog and think “Wow, I wish….”,  just remember this post and what you may not see after the camera is turned offSmile


If I don’t get a comment on this post I may never blog again!!!