Yesterday was a beautiful day!

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memorial day 025

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My boys are on summer break and this is the second week.  Yesterday we had a picnic at the park and stayed for the laser show and fireworks.  It was so much fun! From playing to dancing to laying back on a blanket and looking up at the sky,  it was nice to take a step back and enjoy a bit of slow living… No phones (well, I did tweet a few pictures!), laptops, TVs, etc..  Just pure southern fun! I think I need a little more of that soooo……

I’ll see you next week!



Several of you have asked where I got the prints used for my gallery wall

master bedroom 047

Well…..I got them out of this book!

master bedroom 008      master bedroom 010

master bedroom 014

I paid like $2.00 for it and it is just wonderful! It’s filled with all types and colors of wildflowers

master bedroom 004

master bedroom 005

master bedroom 007

master bedroom 015

master bedroom 016

Just in case you’re wondering what made me purchase this book, here is where I got my inspiration

I will be using more of these pages in other areas of my home! This probably was the best $2.00 I’ve spent in a long timeSmile

I hope you guys have a great weekend!

Who else is going to see Kung Fu Panda 2?!



For the past two weeks my poor little mini gallery wall has looked like this

master bedroom 003

Why? Because the frames that got for a seriously good deal over a year ago wasn’t enough to finish it off!

I finally made it back to Michaels just to see if they still carried the frames, but maybe in a different color…And wouldn’t you know, they did!  Best part is that the frames came in white so it was easier to to get it to the shade of white used in my bedroom

master bedroom 002

Some of you may wonder why the need for primer if the frame is already white…Well, primer is to help the actual paint adhere to the surface.  So if I didn’t prime, chances are the paint would eventually start to come off…

master bedroom 006

I now have a finished “mini” gallery wall with the prettiest framed purple wildflowers!

master bedroom 013

master bedroom 007

master bedroom 008

Now, about that table! I’m going to try to work with the fabric that I found at goodwill to make the skirt.

master bedroom 007

master bedroom 009

I’m thinking of doing a skirted table with a painted top…Sounds weird? Yeah, I have no idea where I get these ideas from either.  But I’m surely going to Google it to see if somebody has done it!  I do have an idea of the direction I want to go with the skirt part.  I’m just a little curious as to how it might actually look!

On a side note, did anyone else email Oprah yesterday?!?!? I did and guess what? She responded!!! **insert scream here!**



TUFTED VINTAGE SOFA….A total score (if you ask me!)

I am super siked about this purchase I made yesterday!


Okay, I know that many of you may be like “what were you thinking?” But I know so many of you are just as excited as I am!   I don’t know about you, but I immediately thought about Crate and Barrel’s Azure sofa, but with a wood trim and a skirt (which will be pulled off)!

Another difference that these two sofa’s have is that one was $25! Yes, $25

Now all I need is a fabulous upholstery job and some inexpensive fabric.  The style of the sofa reminds me of the vintage chairs I purchased at Goodwill a while back

And we all know their potential

Yeah, I must say, I’m about as happy as a kid in a candy store! I can’t wait to have the sofa and chairs reupholstered.  Sadly, it probably won’t be until December when I do…

SmileSmileSmileOkay, I’ll shoot for November!SmileSmileSmile

Hey, is anyone else sad that today is the last day of Oprah? Really last week was since today is just a farewell… I hope I’m not the only one crying about this!!



Yesterday while catching up on my magazines and store catalogs, I ran across a skirted table in Ballard Design

Then I started looking for other skirted round tables!

Tom Sheerer

These aren’t round, but you get my drift!

I’m wondering how that would look for this table in my bedroom

master bedroom 003


I think the base of the table is what I’m concerned about.  It just look too restaurant style to me.  What do you think?


Oh and by the way, I did find a frame to complete the gallery wall! I’ll share that tomorrow!


WHAT I’VE LEARNED… Blogfest2011 Recap

This week has been a great learning experience for me! I learned that…

blogfest2011 003

(a lovely bouquet of peonies at our table at the Hearst building)

Lunch on the 44th floor of the Hearst Tower is beautiful especially when you have the prettiest shade of pink peonies to look at…

(Janell’s lunch on Monday!)

That food on a white plate looks even more delicious…

 blogfest2011 053

(The lovely Barbara Barry talking to us about her fabric)

that there are some people in this world that when you meet them, you realize that what you thought you knew about yourself was nothing until that moment…

blogfest2011 032

(A fabulous cocktail and floral arrangement at the #DesignTVJoss party)

That a great tasting drink is the best compliment to a beautiful floral arrangement…

blogfest2011 012

(Kimberly Ward, Deena Parham , Beth Smith)

That meeting new people is really exciting! And that there are still people out there worth meeting no matter how bad other encounters have been…


(Thomas O’Brian and myself)

That kicking nerves to the side and taking that picture is the best thing you can do for yourself…

blogfest2011 038

(Roslyn from Radecor)

That sharing a room with someone that you have never met before is not that bad after all!

blogfest2011 072

That Suzanne Kasler is as wonderful in person as her designs are…

blogfest2011 036

(Lilly Pulitzer in Kravet showroom)

That color is ALWAYS a good thing, so use lots of it…

blogfest 016

That hotels can use great fabric.  They just need great designers who know where to get it from…

blogfest 012

(boards with fabric swatches from our Kravet/Lee Jofa/Brunschwig & Fils Studio tours)

That an inspiration board can have as much as you want to have on it…


 blogfest 002

(a hand painting of the fabric to achieve the right color and look)

That the actual fabric itself is nothing compared to what it takes to get to that point…


blogfest 023

(A beautiful chair in a showroom in the NYDC building)

That art does not have to hang on the wall… You can sit on it too!

blogfest 047

(Barbara Barry pieces in Henredon showroom)

That I am headed in the right direction by hanging a bulletin board in my bedroom…

blogfest 001

(Margaret Russell Editor at large of Architectural Digest)

That power has no size.  It can be found in a person as small as Margaret Russel!  It’s how you use that power that counts…

blogfest pic

(picture taken by a photographer from blogfest)

That these earrings must be worn with everything thanks to all of the complements I received while wearing them…

(Chanee, Amanda, Amanda, Chassity, Janell, Bryn)

That next time, find someone else to be the photographer so you can be in pictures too!


(name tag table…picture from Blogfest facebook page)

and last, I learned that Kravet/Lee Jofa really know how to entertain!

Blogfest left me with many feelings about the event.  I can assure you that none of them are bad! I realized that I’m in transition at the moment and this was an experience that was really needed. I had so much fun chatting with everyone and meeting new people while reconnecting with others that I’ve met before.  The information that was shared with us during the course of the three days have left me full.  Full to the point where I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to releasing it.  I feel the need to hold on to most of it just so my thoughts are not changed by other people’s opinions… The event itself was a valuable one.  And after much debate on if I should go or not, I made the right decision after all!

Thanks to the entire Kravet/Lee Jofa team!

Now, it’s time to get back to my bedroom! Happy FridaySmile