You guys must think I’m a Goodwill junkie! I’ll admit, whenever I’m doing anything that involves a “design” project, I head to Goodwill! And putting together my three boys attire for a costume party this past weekend was no different. We went through several different ideas until we finally figured out who they were going as: A pirate, Indiana Jones, a fireman, and a cowboy!

Starting with the Pirate: TJ was the coolest pirate I’ve seen!

The hat, sword, and scarf was from the dollar store. The shirt, black (girl skinny jeans), and earring were found at Goodwill!

garrison costume party 001 garrison costume party 005 garrison costume party 006

garrison costume party 008 garrison costume party 007 garrison costume party 009

Indian Jones: Nick was made to be Indiana Jones!

Nicks hat and bowie knife came from the dollar store. we already had the jacket. His shirt and shoes and bag (that he filled with rocks!) came from Goodwill!

garrison costume party 011 garrison costume party 012 garrison costume party 020

garrison costume party 024 garrison costume party 028

The Cowboy: My nephew Willie was the cutest cowboy!

His hat, glasses, badge, and dare I say gun and holster was found at the dollar store. His vest and belt was found at Goodwill!

garrison costume party 031 garrison costume party 033 garrison costume party 032 garrison costume party 035 garrison costume party 036

And last, my fireman: It’s so hard to get a picture of Brendan. I did my best!

Brendan was so possessive of this “rain coat”! His hat, ax, and walkie talkie was found at the Dollar store and the rain coat was found at Goodwill!

garrison costume party 045 garrison costume party 072

garrison costume party 071

I think I did a terrific job with these costumes don’t you?! If you’re curious of the break down here it is:


*hat and sword $1

*white shirt $2.60

*pants $2.60

*earring $2.92


total: $9.12

Indiana Jones

*hat $1

*shirt $1.30-half off!

*bag $1.21

*shoes $2.60

*bowie $1


total: $7.11


*hat $1

*sheriff set $1

*vest $2.60

belt $2.89


total: $7.49


*rain coat $2.60

*hat $1

*fireman accessory pack $1


total: $4.60

What do you think? Have you made any costumes for your kids for this Halloween or past Halloweens? I’d love to hear about them!


Adding a “pop” of color…

Monday I shared with you the color scheme that I am planning for my downstairs living areas. I also mentioned the fact that I can add a pop of color to the rooms whenever I’m loving a new color without having to change the entire space. Right now my color of choice is teal!


teal 3

teal door


What a wonderful color this is! You really don’t need much of it in a space. Now I need to find the perfect shade in paint…

What is your “IT” color of the moment?



Today I’m guest blogging for Averill and I’m giving her motherly advice for her new little '”munchkin”!


Speaking of munchkins, I read a wonderful group of posts over at 6th Street Design School , where a group of the best design bloggers gave their opinions on the coexistence of kids and great design! Well, here is my view on the matter:

Yes they can exist together. It’s just a matter of figuring out how to make that happen in your home with your kids! So far, I’m failing!

I thought it was a good idea to do homework sometimes at the dining room table…yeah, that was a terrible idea. Can you see the scratches in the left image? Now, can you see the pencil and eraser marks in the second image?

blog 075 blog 077

Thought I could leave some paint on the kitchen counter for a minute

blog 079 blog 078

blog 080 blog 081

Oh I was so…..What’s the word? Well, I’ll let you fill in the blank;-)

that sofa was going to my family room…It’s definitely going now. I’m just going to flip the cushions!

While we’re on the subject of paint, when I test a paint color, they test a paint color…

blog 083 blog 082

Sigh… Of course I have my hands full with three, but most of these mishaps were my fault. But, for some reason I really want to believe that at least my five year old know better…

Anyway, after all of this, I DO believe that kids and a nicely decorated home can coexist. It’s a matter of teaching them what to do and not to do. And it is a matter of planning a design with them in mind. When I say plan with them in mind, that doesn’t necessarily mean that my sofa should have been brown. It means that many items should be kid friendly. Especially the most used items!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who have these mishaps! And make sure you stop by Averill’s blog and see what I recommend for the baby!



Not me, the Restoration Hardware ads that are in a few magazines! I went to their website to pull a few spaces from their design gallery

restoration hardware1 Loving the symmetry and chandelier in the above space

restoration hardware 2

I’m digging busts at the moment!

restoration hardware 3

I like the TV in the bookcase. It allows the room to have two focal points with the fireplace.

restoration hardware 6 Is the above room saying nautical to you too?!

restoration hardware 7I want a coffee table like that one day

restoration hardware 8 Bring on the drama! The mirror, the chesterfield, the candle sticks, the light (I can do without the light)…

What am I liking about these rooms? The colors or lack thereof! I’m currently loving a neutral backdrop when it comes to decor. With the upcoming painting of my downstairs living areas, I’m leaning towards taupes and beige for the walls and furnishings. With a neutral color palette, I can change out the accessories in the rooms in the different colors that I’m crushing on at the moment! So, I have a question: would you be afraid to decorate with a color palette such as these above with a house full of children?

Side note:

*I am starting on my two youngest boys room so stay tuned

* I didn’t give up on my porch/patio project. I had some personal matters to deal with that took priority

* I am posting on patching holes in dry wall!



Where are you?  A question I was recently asked in an email from a reader…

My answer: I’m running on fumes! I have several projects going on at one time plus I’ve been dealing with a family matter.

I’m painting pumpkins and foo dogs

blog 014 blog 018

I now have another blue door that is actually the wrong shade of blue

blog 062

I was helping my son put together a fall diorama for school

blog 057 blog 056

blog 060 blog 061

AND I’ve been patching holes in Nick and Bren’s room…YES, holes

blog 022 blog 023

blog 027 blog 045

And I may or may not have stopped in a Goodwill

blog 021

I miss you guys a lot! I will be back to my regular posts shortly, but I have to finish a few things first.  I thought about doing a post on “how to patch holes in your walls”, but I figured that may be a little boring! I mean, don’t you already know how to patch holes?!

Have a great day!