You guys must think I’m a Goodwill junkie! I’ll admit, whenever I’m doing anything that involves a “design” project, I head to Goodwill! And putting together my three boys attire for a costume party this past weekend was no different. We went through several different ideas until we finally figured out who they were going as: A pirate, Indiana Jones, a fireman, and a cowboy!

Starting with the Pirate: TJ was the coolest pirate I’ve seen!

The hat, sword, and scarf was from the dollar store. The shirt, black (girl skinny jeans), and earring were found at Goodwill!

garrison costume party 001 garrison costume party 005 garrison costume party 006

garrison costume party 008 garrison costume party 007 garrison costume party 009

Indian Jones: Nick was made to be Indiana Jones!

Nicks hat and bowie knife came from the dollar store. we already had the jacket. His shirt and shoes and bag (that he filled with rocks!) came from Goodwill!

garrison costume party 011 garrison costume party 012 garrison costume party 020

garrison costume party 024 garrison costume party 028

The Cowboy: My nephew Willie was the cutest cowboy!

His hat, glasses, badge, and dare I say gun and holster was found at the dollar store. His vest and belt was found at Goodwill!

garrison costume party 031 garrison costume party 033 garrison costume party 032 garrison costume party 035 garrison costume party 036

And last, my fireman: It’s so hard to get a picture of Brendan. I did my best!

Brendan was so possessive of this “rain coat”! His hat, ax, and walkie talkie was found at the Dollar store and the rain coat was found at Goodwill!

garrison costume party 045 garrison costume party 072

garrison costume party 071

I think I did a terrific job with these costumes don’t you?! If you’re curious of the break down here it is:


*hat and sword $1

*white shirt $2.60

*pants $2.60

*earring $2.92


total: $9.12

Indiana Jones

*hat $1

*shirt $1.30-half off!

*bag $1.21

*shoes $2.60

*bowie $1


total: $7.11


*hat $1

*sheriff set $1

*vest $2.60

belt $2.89


total: $7.49


*rain coat $2.60

*hat $1

*fireman accessory pack $1


total: $4.60

What do you think? Have you made any costumes for your kids for this Halloween or past Halloweens? I’d love to hear about them!


René said...

My word, that is the cutest thing ever! They look like they enjoyed the photo shoot :)

Love Goodwill.


Tonia Lee Smith said...

They were too cute! And like Rene said they looked like they really enjoyed being photographed too. I love them when they're little :)

Goodwill ROCKS!!

caroline said...

WOW - great job! These are so clever, creative & affordable! Buying costumes can be so pricey but these look amazing at a fraction of the cost of buying one. (Great models, btw.)

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Not only do I love the costumes, the photos you took are hilarious and adorable!! Fabulous job girl, and the price is just right! Janell

Chedva @Rooms and Words said...


Unknown said...

Great job on all 3 but, I LOVE INDIANA JONES! That is the best kid's Indy that I have seen!!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

That is adorable. I have never thought of Goodwill for costumes but will check them out. Can you believe we haven't got our costumes yet?

Mingz said...

Nice work MOM...I am a goodwill fanatic too..

Brandi said...

great costumes! we really do need to do a Goodwill meetup!

Unknown said...

Your boys are soooo adorable!! I love these photos - but I know they are gonna be so embarrassed in about 10 years when you pull these out for their dates ;) haha

Erika Ward said...

This was too cute!! Great job on outfitting the boys on the cheap. Where was your costume, lol?

Young Entrepreneurs said...

Very Cute! You did a fantastic job with the costumes. Love the details.

Hey- What are pirates' favorite letter? You may think "R", but they love the "C".

Happy Halloween!

Unknown said...

the boys look darling!! In the past I've made Tabari's costumes: from Bob the Builder to a crazy Dr. its fun!

Anonymous said...

I love the costumes! and your creativity! Thanks for the inspiration to live within my means!

LindsB said...

Too cute!! What great costumes for not alot at all- they look way more expensive then they were. You win mom of the year for sure!

LilPeach (aka Laura) said...

They're all too cute for words, Lakeitha...have no favorites, I love 'em all! Hugs all around for all 4 little guys...and for you a huge BRAVO for 4 unique costumes not bought 'off the rack'! You're my kind of momma...

Unknown said...

OK, seriously they could not be any cuter!! What handsome boys and so animated in their costumes!! Great post and great economizing!!

DeShawn and Sara said...

Oh my god so freakin cute! LOVE Indiana...he looks so great, especially in pose number one!!!
Good work!!

Anonymous said...

Great Job!! They are so cute =)

traci zeller designs said...

YOU ROCK!!! Those are awesome costumes, and soooo cheap!!! Will you do costumes for my boys next year? Pretty please?? ;-)

Beatrice said...

Girl I love those costumes.Okay let me say it again girl I really love those costumes you did a superb job.I needed to bring my daughter so you could have dressed her up in a costume.You just have amazing talent.

Cindy at Some Really Neat Stuff said...

I love the pictures of the boys in their costumes! I have three boys all in college now but I still remember those days like they were yesterday. They all have those boy poses and are so thrilled with having their costumes. Thanks so much for sharing these with all of us.


Unbelievable costumes and the cutest little kids ever!

House of Brooke said...


Love it......

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