Not me, the Restoration Hardware ads that are in a few magazines! I went to their website to pull a few spaces from their design gallery

restoration hardware1 Loving the symmetry and chandelier in the above space

restoration hardware 2

I’m digging busts at the moment!

restoration hardware 3

I like the TV in the bookcase. It allows the room to have two focal points with the fireplace.

restoration hardware 6 Is the above room saying nautical to you too?!

restoration hardware 7I want a coffee table like that one day

restoration hardware 8 Bring on the drama! The mirror, the chesterfield, the candle sticks, the light (I can do without the light)…

What am I liking about these rooms? The colors or lack thereof! I’m currently loving a neutral backdrop when it comes to decor. With the upcoming painting of my downstairs living areas, I’m leaning towards taupes and beige for the walls and furnishings. With a neutral color palette, I can change out the accessories in the rooms in the different colors that I’m crushing on at the moment! So, I have a question: would you be afraid to decorate with a color palette such as these above with a house full of children?

Side note:

*I am starting on my two youngest boys room so stay tuned

* I didn’t give up on my porch/patio project. I had some personal matters to deal with that took priority

* I am posting on patching holes in dry wall!


Janell @ House of Fifty said...

That is my color palette in my family room...the key? Having the kids not eat on the sofas and washing their hands before AND after eating, and shoes off in the house. Lots of rules? I once heard someone talk about all the gunk brought into the house on the soles on shoes and that sold me for life on no shoes in the house!

I like the idea of a neutral space and using accessories to bring in the color. Great to have you back!


René said...

I do find neutral rooms more relaxing. And you are right about easily changing accessories if you get the craving for color.

BTW, I think the Duncan boys would have fun with a coffee table with wheels :)


Unknown said...

Loving busts and neutrals at the moment as well!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

My formal living room is taupe (BM Bleeker Beige) and I love the color and quietness of the room. Turquoise accents give me my color fix. Can't wait to see your take on neutral!

Tonia Lee Smith said...

I can't say since I don't have small children, I can just say my Grandmother living room was a very neutral color and there wasn't a spot anywhere. However, I like the neutral colors, but I would want a pop of color here and there.

Unknown said...

I think beige is one of those can't go wrong color that looks so good with color...I'm prefer more of a grey + beige color to me that color looks great any lighting and works well with cool and warm colors

Erika Ward said...

I'm with Mrs. Chic. There are so many wonderful gray-beige colors to choose from.

Talking notes from Janell on living with kids and a beige sofa!

nina@themissadventuresofnina said...

I actually think it is easier to live with muted colors and kids. Clorox anyone?
I'm also very lax about my home. I hated all of my mothers rules for the house, made me feel like her things where more important than us. Just saying

Anonymous said...

thank you