Hi! I've been very quiet around these parts, but definitely for a good reason. I started working on my website for my bracelet shop, Wrist Soirée! I finally finished (minus a few items that need to be listed) and I'm so happy with how it turned out!

It's coming up on a year since I started this venture and I must say that I'm super proud of myself for starting it and following through with it. I'm still pretty much in love with the day to day hustle and bustle of it and I hope to expand soon. Thank you guys for your support and for encouraging me regardless of what new idea I had come up with. I appreciate it so much! Stay tuned for a big giveaway in the upcoming weeks to celebrate my 1 year anniversary! For now, please pop over to see the new site and tell me what you think:)

Ps, I'll be out of town in Charleston this weekend and I can't wait to share everything. It's a girls trip and much needed!

And again for those of you that have Instagram, feel free to follow along on there (WristSoiree). I use my shop name, but I post everything from home stuff, DIY, and of course updates with the shop. Also, check out my wrist soirée Facebook page for sales and giveaways too.







So I was telling a friend about my faux flowers and I think I was headed out to grab a few more and she asked me "Is that ok?". I was like what? Faux flowers? My response was somewhere along the lines of yeah if that's what you want! In my head I was wondering why she would ask such a thing. Like seriously, why wouldn't it be ok? Then I got to realizing, we as bloggers have put limitations on design and decor so much that people are literally starting to question themselves and what they like.


I love fresh flowers don't get me wrong, but I love them when they're fresh! I don't tend to them after the initial drop in the vase of water, but I still want them to look pretty next month lol (yes, the same bouquet). With faux flowers, I don't have to worry about that.

Now I am a bit picky about my choice of faux flowers. I only purchase the kind that are "real touch". Like they actually feel and look real. Well real enough to me. And I grab a few whenever they're on sale at Hobby Lobby.

I know that for some people who have started reading blogs that you value what we have to say and our opinions on what's right and what's wrong, but ultimately you are the one that have to live with your decision for your home. Even I had to take a step back and say whoa, I have to decorate for ME and MY family. Otherwise you'll have a space or spaces that really don't represent you, but people that you don't know who probably don't care one way or the other weather or not you purchase fresh flowers every week or not.

Think about peeps! At the end of the day, DO YOU!


But tell me, fresh or faux? :-)




I have been stalking some abstract pieces of art for months, but couldn't bring myself to purchase any.  The prices of some of my favorites were just out of my price range and like a fellow blogger said to me one day while discussing it "If they aren't a well known artist, there is NO WAY I would spend that kind of money on a piece".  We're talking in the thousands people! But there are a few that I will jump on soon because not only are the prices right, but I simply adore the artist.
Until I decide on a piece and what room I would like for it to go, I decided to make a few of my own.  Now let me say before anyone criticize, these were done just for fun and to be used in my living room.  If you don't like them, that's ok! But for now, they work in my living room.  I needed art people!




I'm pretty stoked at how they turned out! Have you tried creating your own art for your home?  I posted a picture on instagram and received a comment from a fellow blogger that said it was on her list of things to try, but she's a little intimidated.  I was, too! But you know what?  You really cant go wrong and if you feel like you have, try again!



I'm in the best mood at the moment, but I thought I'd share a few snapshots of my living room that are cheering me up.  I'm so happy with the new color of my living room.  Its like the PERFECT neutral (Behr's Wheat Bread).
I mentioned on instagram that I wanted this lamp sooooo bad! It was sold out at Pottery Barn and my local PB outlet didn't have it in stock.  Well wouldn't you know, a few days later Carmeon from the fabulous blog Cohesive Randomness found it at hers and wasted no time shipping it to me! LOVE her!

This is my second fiddle leaf fig tree.  The first one has about 3 leaves remaining :))  I found it at Home Depot for $35 and this was the smallest one they had! RUN and get yourself one :)

Ignore my sons art.  I'm trying to decide on which garden stool to keep.  Blue (top) or the green(bottom).  Leave it up to me and I'll keep both and switch them up with my moods. 

My $2 art from my secret thrift store.  I feel like him right now.  Oh and my mini bar really needs some libations.  So sad:(

How is your Thursday going?  Oh and since it is throwback Thursday on instagram, here is a reminder of what my living room looked like a few weeks ago... 
I'd say I'm finally coming into my own. 



Remember the campaign dresser that was in my family room?

Well it finally got a makeover and is now chilling in my living room! I snapped this pic a few minutes ago so the lighting isn't all that great, but the sun is going to be shining tomorrow so I'll snap a few more to show the full dresser:)

So swoon worthy!



For some reason, all of the images I take of my bedroom have been coming out 'grainy'. 

 I'm thinking it has a lot to do with the rain and cloudy days we've had lately.  I will try again Monday I guess.  Just wanted you to know that I am trying to get some good images out for you!



I have not forgotten about you guys as it relates to my bedroom reveal.  It's coming!  Just trying to get good pictures unlike the one taken below with my camera.
I also started painting downstairs... OMG you guys are going to be blown away by the transformation.  So much lighter and brighter! So meeeee!!!!!!!
excuse the mess.  I was so anxious to paint!
btw, if you're interested in anything in my shop, I have a coupon code for $10 off $35 or more by using MOMSDAY10.
Happy Wednesday!