Last night I had the chance to hang out with my good friend Erika! We attended a seminar at SCAD that included Eddie Ross and Jaithan as two of the guest speakers. After the event, Erika and I decided to have a night cap (sprite for me and coke for her!) and discuss what we got from the conversation. Did I mention the topic was "The Rise of the Blog"?! We laughed, questioned each other, and pointed out a few good notes that we took with us from the event.

After we said our "see you laters", we were headed home each on our own paths. After being lost for about 30 minutes, Erika guided me in the right direction so I could be on my way home (for real this time!).

Well, as luck would have it, I didn't make it home until about 4:00am. I was in an accident shortly after turning off my exit from the highway.

There were no serious injuries other than a few burns from the airbags, but I couldn't help but think about my last moments prior to the accident:

A fun time with friends

A call home to my husband to tell him that I was lost, but on my way and that I love him (he was sleeping)

and before leaving home, my boys asking me why I don't dress "pretty" when I'm with them!

If the accident would have been worse, I must admit that I couldn't have asked for a better last time with them...

I am a little sore today so I won't be doing my usual "blog hopping". But, I will make sure I catch up later. And if these are my last words to you, I want you to know that I enjoy hearing from and talking to each and every one of you!

Take care and have a safe weekend!



This post is all about a nautical themed boys bedroom. I've always had a soft spot for the nautical theme for a little boy's room. It's so classic. Especially when it's done correctly and not too "theme-y". So here is a little something I decided to do (after someone asked!) to show the way I would do a nautical themed bedroom.

First I would start with great furniture pieces. So for the beds I like these from Land of Nod

Even if this room was for one child, I would purchase two beds for friends or guest when he is having a sleep over.

For the nightstand I would use this (from pottery barn) instead of a regular nightstand

It's actually an end of bed dresser. That way you can store clothes or pj's in it! And for lighting on this dresser/end table I would use these in the blue, red or stainless

For the bedding I would go for a denim look. For a while I never thought about denim in any design, but for boys I think it's cool! This bedding set would be nice as well as a crisp white set

I love white bedding. Many people would disagree with me when I say white bedding is good, but why not? It's easier to clean than RED!!! I would also add a nice throw or quilt at the bottom of the bed similar to the red and white stripe quilt in the first picture at the top of the page.

Now if you are blessed to have enough room for seating in you child's room then why not these from land of nod

One in red and one in blue and yeah get their names on them. In this area I would also put a lamp. A cute little floor lamp like this one from pottery barn

And in their closet I would get them personalized storage for their toys or laundry. Children love to feel special and important so to personalize an item just for them would really do the trick. I think its great!

Last but not least, this room would not be complete without a map! This one is alright from land of nod. I probably would find a better one if I dug long enough!

I can't wait to start on my boys room. With one loving Disney Cars and the other loving Transformers and a mom who will not include either into the plan, this project will be very interesting! What are your thoughts on "theme" rooms. I like things pulled together with more of a color scheme than a theme. Plus, I want the space to be able to grow with my boys and not my boys outgrow the space!



....But I like it!

I love the color against my living room walls

We (okay Tony) is in the process of redoing the yard. I think once we add the flowers and change out the light fixtures it will look even better! I also plan to add numbers to the door. I can't wait!

He asked me why I would paint the door blue instead of red. He said that we don't have blue anywhere on the house. I simply replied "well, we don't have red on the house either"!

I'll take better pictures when the sun is out. We are suppose to get a few showers today.



Just a thought!




I'm almost finished with my master bedroom, and I can't help but think about my next project. I think I'm ready to start on the boys room

Before I post about any plans for the room, I've been busy trying to pull together some of the big pieces for the space. One of them being a campaign dresser. They are all the rage right now and one painted a fabulous color like red, yellow, or blue would look great in the space for what I have planned for it.

Nice right?!

Well, I was over to my in laws yesterday celebrating my husbands grandmothers 95th birthday (amazing right?), and I stepped away to change Brendan's diaper. I've been in this room so many times its crazy, but this time, I noticed this


Not only do they have a dresser with mirror, but the headboard too (not that I need the headboard or mirror). Oh, and not to mention, I was given the chest of drawer when we moved into our home and my husband tossed it out because he got tired of it sitting in the garage:(

I have to have this piece. Do you think I could work out some type of arrangement where they would just give it to me?! Have this ever happened to you before?

Sharon, if you're reading this, help me out on this one since they are your parents;)




I posted this back in November when my house was being painted. At the time, I really wanted a red door, but as mentioned below I chickened out!

I love a nicely painted front door...

Especially when the color is a bold choice...

But a more traditional color is great too...

It's just something about an unexpected color choice that makes a statement and shows a little more personality!

Originally, I planned to paint my front door Rustic red

But when it was time to paint it, I chickened out. I worried that my future outside decor would have to work well with a red door and I couldn't stand the thought of being limited.

So instead I went with brown. Plain. Simple. Brown. A color that would not clash against many of the colors I like to decorate with. Now I wonder if that was a good idea. I feel like that little pop of color was needed. And without it my color choice fell flat. What's wrong with me?!!

What color is your door? Have you ever had a problem decorating around the color of your door? What are your thoughts on this matter?




Bren is turning two this Saturday and for the past few weeks, I've been gathering things for his birthday party. Since having my children, I've realized that birthdays are treated differently with each family. There are some people that believe that birthdays are special and should be celebrated with some type of party every year. Then you have some people that don't believe that birthdays are that big of a deal. Then, you have me. I believe that birthdays are special but they don't warrant a "party" every year. Now, when I say party, I mean balloons, food, cakes, themes, etc.. My kids birthdays are always recognized (for instance, with Nick, we had a picnic at the park), but we don't go all out. My main reason for this way of thinking is because I don't want my kids to think that the material aspect of a birthday is what makes it a special day. I want them to know that their birthdays are special with or without the 'hoopla'. I usually skip their first birthday as far as having a party because (in my opinion), a one year old does not know whats going on in the first place. Actually Brendan didn't start walking until after his first birthday so he would not have been part of the party anyway:) So, I start them with their second birthday. Which is a pretty good age because by then, they are walking, playing, getting excited by a few things, AND talking more and more! After their this party, they more than likely wont have another one until they turn five (again, that does not mean we don't acknowledge their birthdays). I also do other party's through out the year like their annual end of summer party and this year we are shooting for a Halloween party (fingers crossed) so they really aren't lacking in the party area anyway;)

With all that said, I'm planning Brendan's Birthday party and I'm so excited about it! Remember this fabric?

I fell in love with it so much, that I decided to base the party around the colors in it! I love themed parties! I also love the extra details that are put into a party that make it unique. For instance, this Curious George party that I found

The colors are just so much fun! Or, what about this lollipop themed party?!

I have my kids an end of summer party every year and last year the theme was bugs! This cake by Janell would have been perfect for that party!

And my number 1 reason for wanting a girl is to be able to do girly girly things for her like Emily did for daughters 4th birthday

How do you celebrate birthdays? What do you do to make your parties unique or special?!

I'll make sure I post pictures of his party!

Curious George and the Lollipop images were found on hostess blogPhotobucket


AnNicole is having a party on her blog and it's titled "How I Met My House". I'm always down for a party!

We started our search for a home after I realized 5 people in a 2 bedroom apartment wasn't gonna work for us. Of course I was scared of the process since my parents arent home owners and his parents didn't think it was the best move for a newly wed couple with young kids and one income. But, what is that saying "You can't tell grown people anything"?! So we decided that it was the best thing for us plus our lease was ending soon and our third baby was arriving in a few months. After searching without any look, I saw this house

It wasn't much to look at, but it had almost all of the things that were on my "wish list":

*At least three bedrooms with a 2 car garage

*separate living room and family room with fire place

*eat in kitchen

*Dining room

*nice size backyard with fence (our house does not have the fence, yet)

*established neighborhood (we also drove through the neighborhood at night to check it out)

*at least 2 bathrooms (we have 2.5)

Oh, and it had to be within our price range (the economy made that pretty easy).

I knew that if we had the most important things as far the structure of the house, that I could definitely make it a home that we would love!

Looking back at the before photo of the house, I think I'm well on my way!