I could not believe the responses I received from my post the other day. You guys really know how to make a girl feel good about herself! I wanted to share something real quick that would answer some personal emails that I received about the post.

Yesterday, I was overwhelmed (as usual). The boys didn't take a nap. I was tired due to the fact that the boys didn't have a nap. I had planned on getting some painting done, but didn't have a chance. I over cooked my my main course for dinner. Tony had to work from 5am-4pm. After work, he had to make a few stops (Lowes, auto parts store, etc). And then when he finally made it home (5:30), he was ready to eat and rest for a minute. My youngest son, Bren, decided that he wanted to open the back door and run out while I was cooking dinner. Tony came down stairs and asked where he was and my response was "oh, he ran outside and slammed the door behind him".

The main questions that I received from my readers (who I didn't know I had!!!) were: "How do you stay and not leave?", Before the books, what motivated you?, And my favorite, Do you ever backslide (with the depression)?

These pictures sums it all up for me. When I told Tony that Brendan ran out of the house, he did not yell at me or get upset. He told TJ and Nick to find some shoes and lets go outside to water the grass so mommy can finish cooking dinner.

That is how he is. Patient, calm, and cool. Although he never really understood my frustration after we had our kids, he would always try to make things better for me. Sometimes I would get upset because he was too cool while it seemed like my world was spinning out of control. But, when I look or think back to times like this, I realize that "THIS" is why I'm able to do it all again the next day.

**The only problem I had was that the boys grabbed my shoes to go outside and play!**



Tonia said...

LOL, Boys you just gotta lovem', the good things is that you have your husband there for those times...Might not be all the time :-)and I know it can get "ruff" but take a moment, breathe and give thanks, 'cause it gets better! Trust me.

Dayka (Life +Style) said...

another great post (and i love the first photo and the last).

love the shot of the boys in your shoes, esp. nick--too cute.

what you've said is the one thing i've always noticed about tony--he's so mellow & low key. i think temperaments like his often come in handy in times of crisis--the good thing is, they never get too high, or too low, so for those of us that can be a bit all over the place, they are definitely a rock (hop what i'm saying makes sense!) in difficult times. you can always be assured that they'll never fold, which to me is a great thing.

maybe as you write more about your life and your experiences as a mother (including the depression), tony will better understand what you went through/go through as he starts to read it. i hope he does, because these posts are really good.

i think i've told you this before, but he really is a great guy!

Erika @ BluLabel Bungalow said...

ditto dayka...you are fortunate to have each other. every time i read one of these post i hear myself telling your story. i think we may be the same person...

MzMannerz said...

Great post. Our husbands seem to have similar characteristics. I always tell mine that we are like two dogs... one is an old setter on the porch, calmly watching the world. The other is a little yapper in the yard, frantically yipping at everything that passes the fence.

If it's not clear, I'm the yapper. :D

Tamstyles said...

Thats great. I think all great women have great men like that. I can be a bit to handle when I get upset or overwhelmed...and my husband use to do the same thing when my kids were small....just up and take them to his moms and they would all visit her house for a while...when she died they had no where to go for years!!!! by now they are older so things have changed...but your time will come love. before long you wont know what to do with yourself. some chicks dont have it that good...some guys would go back up stairs and could care less..BLESSED!

Dreams of Perfection said...

OMG your boys are toooo cute! That last photo did it for me. That is exactly how kids should be. You definitely have a great family. Your can tell your boys are extremely loved.

Brooke said...

Those pics are PRICELESS! And should be hung in the room where every one chills at...
U need an outlet and someone who has the same issues as you do. It is hard to make friends and a lot of times we are so reserved and afraid to reach out, these things happen.
it is okay to have a cyber friend if you do not have one on hand.

What i know for sure is we all need an outlet and i can surely remember having these moments as a single MOM! Sad part I had no one to take my kiddos to and I had not one to go after them since I didnt run right after them.

We all need each other and you might need to reach out to someone else.
shopping buddies are cool to have; but at the same time if we have nothing in common but shopping it is not enough.
Blessings to you and this will make U so much stronger to do it again the next day!