This post is all about a nautical themed boys bedroom. I've always had a soft spot for the nautical theme for a little boy's room. It's so classic. Especially when it's done correctly and not too "theme-y". So here is a little something I decided to do (after someone asked!) to show the way I would do a nautical themed bedroom.

First I would start with great furniture pieces. So for the beds I like these from Land of Nod

Even if this room was for one child, I would purchase two beds for friends or guest when he is having a sleep over.

For the nightstand I would use this (from pottery barn) instead of a regular nightstand

It's actually an end of bed dresser. That way you can store clothes or pj's in it! And for lighting on this dresser/end table I would use these in the blue, red or stainless

For the bedding I would go for a denim look. For a while I never thought about denim in any design, but for boys I think it's cool! This bedding set would be nice as well as a crisp white set

I love white bedding. Many people would disagree with me when I say white bedding is good, but why not? It's easier to clean than RED!!! I would also add a nice throw or quilt at the bottom of the bed similar to the red and white stripe quilt in the first picture at the top of the page.

Now if you are blessed to have enough room for seating in you child's room then why not these from land of nod

One in red and one in blue and yeah get their names on them. In this area I would also put a lamp. A cute little floor lamp like this one from pottery barn

And in their closet I would get them personalized storage for their toys or laundry. Children love to feel special and important so to personalize an item just for them would really do the trick. I think its great!

Last but not least, this room would not be complete without a map! This one is alright from land of nod. I probably would find a better one if I dug long enough!

I can't wait to start on my boys room. With one loving Disney Cars and the other loving Transformers and a mom who will not include either into the plan, this project will be very interesting! What are your thoughts on "theme" rooms. I like things pulled together with more of a color scheme than a theme. Plus, I want the space to be able to grow with my boys and not my boys outgrow the space!


D.Duncan said...

Looks great and extremely Ralph Laurenish and Nautical. It's what I've always loved about this style. It reminds me of my vacation to Martha's Vineyard. Simply Perfect! I'm going to do this next summer. But I'm possibly thinking of doing this to my Media/Family Room in the Basement. Instead of the boys bedroom. Great Idea! You should get paid for this! But don't charge me.

MzMannerz said...

I particularly love themes in children's rooms, and nautical themes really grow with a child. Very easy to keep the same colors and bring in other accessories/found items as they grow up. Then again, I live in Annapolis, so I am partial to nautical stuff - it's everywhere here!

You might find a real map on eBay for a nice price that you could frame yourself. I have a bundle of old National Geographic Maps I'm deciding what to do with....

Anonymous said...


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