The first coat of black paint is on the door and I love it!

Im also finally finishing my ceiling this weekend, too. I ran out of paint when I started painting it nearly a year and a half ago:-)




As promised on Monday, here are a few snapshots of the family room in progress and what my plans are for the space.


My husband managed to hang a new ceiling fan yesterday. I know that we usually try to rid ourselves of these eye soars, but in the summer, we need this one! Compared to the last fan we had, it's actually not that bad:-)

The mirror is from the dresser that I'm currently using in my office space. I'm going to paint it the same color as the fireplace surround.


As you can see in this pic (kind of), the rug is too small of the space. It's just a temporary addition to the room until I save up a few more pennies to order the one I want from Pottery Barn.


I mentioned yesterday that the door will be painted black. I actually can't wait to finish that. I just know its going to be fabulous! I'm in search of some pillows for the sofa. This is the EKTORP sofa from ikea. I actually love it for what it's worth. We've already had an accident involving fruit punch and it cleaned up nicely... Score!


As far as the other side of the room, I'm currently thinking of switching the French dresser from my living room with this campaign dresser. It's already a bluish color and I think it will work better.. I would actually prefer a wooden piece of furniture or maybe something white. We'll see what i come up with. Around the tv I plan to do a gallery wall with black frames. I think that would help with the black door on the other side of the room.

I love this wooden chair! It's a keeper in this room for now. Just a pillow and a throw and I think it will be perfect. The other chair is a stand in for now unless I find another one soon! I thought about a slipcovered chair, but have not decided yet.



My little "styling" can use some help! Just a few of my old books, an insulator (gift from a friend), milk glass with an ikea plant (faux), and some old wooden spools.

Same on this end table. I found the lamp while thrifting, old books, and plant that I can't kill, and a tarnished silver plated dish. FYI, I just put the dish there to see how it works. I will indeed wash the price off:-)


That's all for now. I'm headed to IKEA today to grab a few frames and a floor lamp that I think is perfect for the space. Will share more on this room soon!





Lately I've been considering painting my back door black.  While pulling pieces from my garage to see what works in the family room, I came across a black vase that I found for like 5 bucks while thrifting.  After placing it on the mantle and adding some "faux" greenery to it, I really liked how it worked in the space.
So I've been thinking about adding a little more black to the space... Like a black door for instance. After heading to my go to source for inspiration (Pinterest), I came across a few images that have me dead set on painting the door black. 
This is probably the only inspiration I really needed to be swayed into painting my own door.  With the glimpse of the white slipcovered chairs in what appears to be a mostly neutral room with a hint of color, this is spot on what I'm trying to do in my own space.
 I originally felt like I didn't want to overwhelm the space with black, but when I came across this image, I realized that the right amount of lighting will help with making the black not seem so overbearing in a space. 
What's your take on black doors?  Or using black in a space in general?  The plans that I have in mind for my family room originally didn't call for black at all.  I honestly never would have considered it had it not been for that vase.  Funny how things happen like that. 



I want to blog again, but I don't know how.   I often think of all the things I want to share with you guys, but when I sit down to blog, nothing comes out or I don't have the time.  I feel like so much has changed with my home, with myself, with YOU! How do I get back to where I left off?  Better yet, how do I catch you guys up?  Things have been going so fast for me since I opened my shop.  It has definitely been great, but I feel like a piece of me is missing.
Where do I start?  What should I talk about first?  How do I break it all down?  How far back do I go? 
I'm already not a "project-focused" blogger.  I don't start one project and keep going until its done.  I have to bounce around because I start to get bored!
I think I got it, I'll start with my family room since its the latest of my projects.  I posted plans for the space a while back and I'll touch on those and then tell you how they have changed a little since then. 
This post is definitely pretty random, but I had to put it out there.  My thoughts for you to read I guess:)
I'll take pictures of the space tomorrow and share everything with you Wednesday.  Deal?  Deal!

Funny how I thought I had moved passed blogging only to realize that it's a big part of my day to day.  Now it's just a matter of finding balance with it and my shop.



Just so you know, I have been up to something other than making jewelry.


Sneak peek of a nook in my office...

Sneak peek of what's currently going on in the family room...


Oh yeah, and I turned 30 and celebrated in Vegas!

Sneak peek of fabulousness:-)

Will catch you up on details this week!