Lately I've been considering painting my back door black.  While pulling pieces from my garage to see what works in the family room, I came across a black vase that I found for like 5 bucks while thrifting.  After placing it on the mantle and adding some "faux" greenery to it, I really liked how it worked in the space.
So I've been thinking about adding a little more black to the space... Like a black door for instance. After heading to my go to source for inspiration (Pinterest), I came across a few images that have me dead set on painting the door black. 
This is probably the only inspiration I really needed to be swayed into painting my own door.  With the glimpse of the white slipcovered chairs in what appears to be a mostly neutral room with a hint of color, this is spot on what I'm trying to do in my own space.
 I originally felt like I didn't want to overwhelm the space with black, but when I came across this image, I realized that the right amount of lighting will help with making the black not seem so overbearing in a space. 
What's your take on black doors?  Or using black in a space in general?  The plans that I have in mind for my family room originally didn't call for black at all.  I honestly never would have considered it had it not been for that vase.  Funny how things happen like that. 


LilPeach (aka Laura) said...

Yes to the black door! If your door was a solid wood door I'd probably say no, but with the window panes it's a no-brainer.
You could spread it around the room with black picture frames as well. Can't wait to see how fab it will look!

laura@imnotatrophywife.com said...

Yes! I wrote a post on the black doors I have painted (it's a little addictive).. front door, pantry, garage entry door. Love it! I used Behr Beluga ! laura@imnotatrophywife.com

Decor & Harmony said...

Go for it! It will really jazz it up did you see Becca's door at Adventures in Decorating? She painted her's last week it looks fabulous!
Stop by for a blog visit I recently painted my cupboard doors, I remember when you did yours and they really look great thanks for inspiring me!

Ches said...

I think painting the door black will look great! Your inspiration picture sold me on the idea...

Olga StarDec said...

I love black doors, they give a touch of elegance into a space!