GIRL BYE {dismissing people from your life}

Shirt was a birthday gift from my crazy sister in law. She knows me so well lol! You can find it here.

Why do we hold on to people we know good and well aren't good for us? We hold on to people that downright hazardous in our lives and then when we realize that, we then question ourselves and if our thoughts are valid. Don't get me wrong, everyone can't be cut completely from our lives, but those that can should, and those that can't, but need to be, give them the greatest amount of distance possible.
Dr. Maya Angelou said, "when people show you who they are the first time, believe them." But nah, we want to prove to ourselves that they're actually who "WE" believe they are. I have removed immediate family members from my life and given others their well deserved distance, but then there are others where I'm like "but maybe it can work. Maybe it's me. Maybe....". How about maybe you're better off without them and it's time for you to admit that to yourself?
Have nothing in your life that you don't believe to be good. I truly believe that the wrong people and their toxic vibes can detour you from reaching your highest potential. Remember the phrase "Good Vibes Only" and be ok with saying girl (or boy), bye!

Images by the fabulous Kaye McCoy!

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So I have a question, can men and women be "friends"? Or is it either hooking up or nothing at all? You know, no grey area... And if you do think the opposite sex can in deed be friends, do you think you can be friends with the opposite sex that you're very much attracted to and vice versa? My friend and I were having this conversation the other morning and I'm pretty torn on the matter. I do have a male friend (I'm actually hooking up with him shortly), and we have been friends since we were 15. It's now more so a brother/sister type friendship. But what about kicking it with a fine ass guy and just calling him your "friend".. Can you do it?

Images by the fabulous Kaye McCoy of 7th Street Studio
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