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So I have a question, can men and women be "friends"? Or is it either hooking up or nothing at all? You know, no grey area... And if you do think the opposite sex can in deed be friends, do you think you can be friends with the opposite sex that you're very much attracted to and vice versa? My friend and I were having this conversation the other morning and I'm pretty torn on the matter. I do have a male friend (I'm actually hooking up with him shortly), and we have been friends since we were 15. It's now more so a brother/sister type friendship. But what about kicking it with a fine ass guy and just calling him your "friend".. Can you do it?

Images by the fabulous Kaye McCoy of 7th Street Studio
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Chavas Stanley said...

You are killing the game and looking Fabulous while doing it! Love the blog!

KiaRich said...

I can only speak from experience. However, I don't think its a good idea to have opposite sex friends, who you are attracted to, when you are in a committed relationship. In my opinion it's greater than insecurities in your partnership, it the temptation that can be uncontrollable. Mutual friends, between you and your partner, works better.

KiaRich said...

Ps. You look Amazing!

Sheena Freeman said...

So as far as being friends with someone that you find physically attractive I think it really depends on the person. For me I love my husband so that in itself trumps all other things but for some people its not that easy. I think you should just really know yourself and make a decision based off of what you personally can handle

Dwan Thompson said...

I think it's possible to have a friend of the opposite sex and just be friends. I thank it's great that you and your husband have such a great understanding. I have killed the game back in the day with this same line. But being much older and wiser friends or just that. Friends.

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