We had a blast yesterday at my inlaws house for Easter. Each sister inlaw had a dish to bring and I was was in charge of the egg hunt and coloring.

It was nice for us to gather around the table and talk and laugh about girl stuff!

Deitra (the sister inlaw that leave the silly comments on my blog) holding our favorite drink

Sharon, who is pregnant with her second baby! We hope it's a girl because so far, there are only boys in the family!

My favorite part of the day was the egg hunt.

But, I think the boys were more excited to eat what was inside the eggs!

Say cheese guys!

Garrison, Nick, Chandler, and of course TJ

And here is Brendan (cute cute cute!)

All of that fun in the sun has got me to thinking about my backyard

hmm... I feel an outdoor seating area design coming on!!! Stay tuned...

How was your weekend?


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

What fun to have a great group of women in your family! Enjoy!

Yes, backyards. Ours is a disaster...I think that project is a year or two off from now! Good luck with yours, spring is the perfect time to start thinking about outdoor living! Yeah, can't wait!!! Janell

Tonia {Chic Modern Vintage} said...

I remember when we use to do that. Great memories to have, but I don't miss it at all. ;-)

Dayka (Life +Style) said...

sharon looks super cute pregnant!

the boys are dressed so cute, and tj is such a ham (and looks so much like tony--wow!!). he has the most outgoing personality ever! nick looks JUST like you in that photo, too. glad you guys had a good time. :)

1 Funky Woman said...

Those little guys are so cute! I'll bet they had a great time on the egg hunt! Oooh, an outdoor seating area is what I need to work on. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Erika @ BluLabel Bungalow said...

What a fun time!! The boys really enjoyed themselves and the weather was perfect! Brendan is such a cutie! I could eat those cheeks!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I may be in ATL foe the COOLJC Youth Congress.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Emily A. Clark said...

Hi, I'm catching up on your blog so a few things. . .

First, what a handsome group of boys! They are too cute; glad you had a fun Easter.

Second, I am in love w/ that headboard in your bedroom!

Third, I just read the post of your life timeline to being a staying at home mom and I can so relate. I think you are really brave to share that and I know alot of stay at home moms appreciate you so much for saying those things. You are not alone! I think we sometimes don't give ourselves enough credit for how hard it is to have three small kids (back to back) and still try to run a household, be a good wife, do something for ourselves (like blogging!). This post made me feel lots better about the things I often get down about.

Mom of 2 Cuties @ Sprinkles of Joy and Laughter said...

Such cutie pies!! Nothing like family is there?!! I love gardening..do a curvey border around your patio and look into some Knock out Roses. They are sooo easy and have great color all summer long. Not your Grandmothers rose bush! Disease resistant and no deadheading required but I like to do it still on occassion.
Love the pic of you too..should be your new profile pic! Enjoy your day

Symone's Mommy said...


Tamstyles said...

hi diedre! we see you now (LOL)...great pics. glad yall had a great day...easter for some reason is not my holiday for fun...my granny would whoop my ass if she knew that i didnt buy easter stuff for her great grand kids!

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

What a beautiful family you have. I love Simply Lemonade also!!! Looks like everyone had a great time, family ..... that is what it is all about. You are blessed.


erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

Love your blog and how candid and honest you are. I read through some of your previous posts. I think you have a lovely blog here... and as far as getting overwhelmed sometimes...I'm in the same boat. (single mom to 5 boys) Anyways, I like what you have to say...I'll be following and look forward to reading more. xoxo Erica


Dreams of Perfection said...

I did nada for Easter. Drove home from my mom's. Looks like the little ones had a blast! And who doesn't love some Simply Lemonade?! I mix mine with home-made tea :o)

Mrs. Chic said...

Ahh love those pics!!! You have a great big backyeard, I want to redesign ours too :)