MASTER BEDROOM….Things to get done

Hi! I hope all of the mothers out there had a very happy and fun filled mother’s day!

Today I wanted to get down to business with my plans on finishing my bedroom.  If you remember from last week, I showed you guys this picture and said that it will be my inspiration

Like many of you said, it’s really not far from what I have right now…

master bedroom 007

What I like about the inspiration picture is that the nightstands are a dark brown. I like that. I’m going to try that.

master bedroom 022

On this wall, I’m going to add my framed floral prints again.  I started, but didn’t finish and then I took them down.  I’m also going to add a table and a chair for a small workstation…

master bedroom 037

I’m one of those people that needs a TV in my room.  I’m okay with thatWinking smile  Now, how do I style this dresser with that TV on it?  Maybe I’ll move it for pictures!

master bedroom 024

master bedroom 019

I really need to make a bed skirt. The inspiration’s bed skirt is a bit much for me, but I need a long one because I’m going to use risers on my bed too.

master bedroom 023

The window treatments…I’m still thinking about those!

master bedroom 038

I’m not sure if I want to keep the headboard.  I’ll see what I think about it once the nightstands are painted.  It’s just too much white going on in that area of the room for me…

master bedroom 013

This mirror needs a coat of paint.  It’s not the color of the dresser and that bugs me… Plus the paint is chippy.  I need to fix that!

master bedroom 025

So, that’s where I stand right now with my bedroom.  Not too much to do, right?  Let’s see how I get done before I leave for Blogfest Sunday!


Unknown said...

Sounds like an amazing battle plan! I'm loving that headboard... so if you don't use it you can chuck it in my direction :)

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Yes, that headboard is fab, but I can also see other options working. Now get to work! Janell

Unknown said...

Looking good so far!! You're right - it's almost there. So jealous that you're going to Blogfest!!

Lori @ Lori May Interiors said...

It's looking so good! Just a little bit more and you'll be there. I wish I was so far along with my own projects! Have fun at Blogfest!


Unknown said...

your room is almost there - the flower pics hanging above your dresser will look nice! TV is a must for me too! lol -- just keep placing your personal items on the dresser and it will make the tv blend in more :) that's what we've tired in my head it works! :)

Brandi said...

Your bedroom looks so similar to the inspiration photo, you don't have far to go to complete the look. I love your headboard and mirror! I think they will look great in your finished room.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love love love your bedroom!!!

Tonia Lee Smith said...

I can see the mirror about the dresser being a soft gold. Only of you're going to keep it in the room.

Rhonda Gales said...

Loving the mirror! Good luck finding another frame for your pictues!


You have a great start to that room....Brown and white has always been one of my favorite color combinations. Classic and crisp!