It has been brought to my attention that it’s easy to think that some blogger’s have a perfect life and perfect home.  Hmm… I can see that! I can see how a person can read a blog post written by someone with three kids, and they show pictures like these and become discouraged about their own home…


cars bedroom

Let me tell you, things here are not always as perfect as they may appear! Sometimes my dirty clothes are piled high.  Sometimes dinner is late and I have to run out and grab fast food. Sometimes I would like for my husband to help me do some of the projects I do.  Sometimes I just don’t want to do anything around the house because I am completely overwhelmed.  Sometimes the two rooms above look like this

blogging my truth 003

and this

blogging my truth 002

Sometimes I may do a post and say that I will show you the rest tomorrow and I don’t.  Like my family room for instance.  I haven’t shown you my family room because it looks like this

blogging my truth 006

Now who really wants to see a room like that?  I was sick all last week and just didn’t have the energy or strength to do any house work.  Now, do my house look like this all of the time? Of course not.  But it does get like this at times.  I would hate for anyone to think that my life and home is perfect and I doubt any other blogger would want you to feel the same.  I have three boys and a nephew running around all of the time causing mischief

blogging my truth 015 

blogging my truth 016

No one is perfect.  No matter what you see on a blog or TV.  I have to remind myself of that A LOT!  So, whenever you come across a blog and think “Wow, I wish….”,  just remember this post and what you may not see after the camera is turned offSmile


If I don’t get a comment on this post I may never blog again!!!


Tonia Lee Smith said...

Girl, Sometimes, I wonder about people that always show everything in place. I'm glad to know that you're human and we all have our flaws. Thank you for the reminder. <3

Anonymous said...

I must admit...many people (Bloggers)won't be real with themselves or their followers. Most of us, have an image and we tend to stick with that. Very few people will BLOG about real life Transition...being stuck in between..Life and Fiction ain't easy. Great Post!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Good for you! That's why I shared my messy closet last week. Real life ain't always perfect by any means. I usually only show pretty too, but sometimes I like to drop the curtain & let it out. And we all know that everyone has clutter going on too, that is just how most of us live. In the real world.

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

We all have our flaws, our good moments and our less than brilliant. It's what makes us interesting...

Robin said...

Great post! When somebody says something about my house, I always tell them it's "creative photography"....cropping is a wonderful thing! More times than not, I have a huge mess in just about every room. But, when it is spotless, I try to make sure I make LOTS of photographs! HAHA!

Carly {Honey and the Moon} said...

THANK YOU! I'm so glad you posted this. I can't lie, sometimes I get down and feel like my house will never look like those "perfect houses" on the blogs, so it was great hearing (and seeing) someone admit that they aren't perfect.

Way to go girl!

MzMannerz said...

I recently saw a photo of Gwyneth Paltrow in her New York apartment/house, and it showed a floor full of toys among her designer items. For a shining moment, I loved Gwyneth Paltrow. :) A house with kids gets messy and cleaned up and messy and cleaned up and messy....

I planned to blog about the photo I saw, but I am a lazy blogger so it may be a few days. :D

Love that you shared your "real" photos.

R said...

Thank you for posting this. I am 8 months pregnant with my fourth (and final) child and our house looks like it has been robbed most days. My two year old is in the dump and drop it all on the floor stage and my six and eight year olds room looks like a tornado has spun everything out of the closet and drawers. I was just so overwhelmed today and trying to keep after it all while being so exhausted from being prego got to me today to the point of where I broke down in tears.
Thank you for stepping up and saying this. I try to keep in mind the "creative" photography that even I do, but it is hard with so many fantastic blogs with pics out there. Because of you I don't feel like a failure as a mother tonight. I have the renewed resolve to make our home the best and happiest place it can be even if there is macarroni on the floor from dinner. I'll get it tomorrow for sure.

Anonymous said...

Girl, it's just me and my two dogs in the house yet there are times when you'd think I had a army of kids living with me. It's as you say, real life, none of us are prefect! I look at the pretty rooms on the blogs but I know it isn't always like that and wish they'd show what a typical day looks like! Thanks for showing us how real it can get.

House of Brooke said...

First of all Happy 2011!
And the Truth speaks for itself.
If anyone BELIEVES that we live in a perfect world, that means they live vicariously through the lives of others and they have CHECKED out of the REAL-Ality of life.
At any rate being WOMAN is hard! And to think we have to raise our families and keep EVERYthing in order is enough to tell the entire house to KICK ROCKS and lay it down.

WE should look to bloggin' as Inspiration! A way to leave OUR world and ease into someone elses by smiling, laughing or just enjoying what they have to say.
Life is just that LIFE and all that you said sound like all of us in many ways!
Have a Prosperous, Blessed, Faithfilled, Healthy/Wealthy 2011!

Keep bloggin!

Rashon Carraway said...

I feel your reality. Its just me & a 7lbs Yorkie & I cant keep clothes from piling up! Its real life. Thanks for letting us in!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Marcie said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I actually enjoy seeing the reality of what life brings to my favorite blogs. Not just the picture perfect rooms.

Designing Domesticity said...

Totally agree! I am about to reveal the room I have been working on for my daughter and as I was trying to take some nice photos I was thinking I should really post how it looks after she is done 'enjoying' it. Now that would be a great post.

hawkeyejlp said...

Love this post. Here's one of my faves on the topic: http://wendolonia.com/blog/2010/03/03/confessions-of-a-stay-at-home-mom/

Loretta said...

Wow what a great post, I wanted to start a blog this year but actually felt like I could not keep up with the bloggers with the nice neat homes. You have allowed me to understand the real deal when the camera is turned off. Thank you so much for keeping it real. Please continue to post....

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Thank you for this!!!

Unknown said...

I sooo can relate to this!! I posted a "sneak preview" of a painting job I did LAST YEAR and I still haven't shown the full room. You're inspiring me to at least show my progress.

Happy Friday! xoxo

A Perfect Gray said...

lakeitha, thanks so much for your kind comments. I really appreciate your thinking of me.

babe! thanks for keeping it real for us. I do tend to get discouraged sometimes about not measuring up!

happy new year and thanks again! donna

Karen said...

Showing us that you're not perfect all the time only adds to your charm! I think there is an old saying, "Show me a clean house and I'll show you a life wasted."

Chandra Chinnis said...

I just love your blog. Although I have only been following for a short while, you manage to keep it real and not sugar coat anything. I often look at rooms on blogs and say they must do nothing but clean all day. Thank you for sharing your reality with us.


Anonymous said...

I <3 you! Thanks for keeping it real.

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Of course life is real - much more than this virtual life us bloggers live. But I love how you show us how real life can really get!

L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

Thank you for all of your comments! It feels so good to know that many of you can relate to this post. I never know how far is too far with posts like these!


traci zeller designs said...

Sing it, sister!!!

Diamonds Pearls and Crazy in the world of Barbie Jones said...

Trust me if i took pics of how my apt looks ud run screaming... I wonder how we'ew going to have a beautiful home when we cant even manage to keep 2 bedrooms cleaned? It's frustrating but its real and I applaud you for this post!

Wendy said...

good of you to show the 'real' side... so true! hope yoiu're feeling better :)

Lovely said...

Design (fashion and home) photos are highly styled. If people only knew the mess behind the camera ...

And we all beat ourselves up because we can't achieve the perfection.

Here's to truth and authenticity!

Anonymous said...

Your post made me laugh out loud this morning! I think soooo many people can relate. I love your blog and I'll say it again; your humor and realness(if that's a word) with your life and projects is fascinating and refreshing.

Barbara Matson said...

That is daily life and living real! My house is rarely all in one piece! I even wrote a post about it for another Canadian blogger, First Time Fancy, who has a series called "Perfectly Imperfect", this is what my home usually looks like---http://first-time-fancy.blogspot.com/2010/12/perfectly-imperfect-barbaras-dining.html

You are not alone!

Wendy said...

I always assume that when someone posts a picture of a perfectly clean room, they've pushed a bunch of clutter off into a closet or another room! Know why? Because that's what I do!

Great post! Thanks for sharing your reality.

Laila @OnlyLaila said...

Thanks for this post! Showing the other side of life!

Hello Lover... said...

Great post! And it is true that it is so easy to get caught up in these ideas of how perfect some peoples lives seem through their blog - but in reality every single one of us has our own weaknesses and imperfections and all of us have those days where our home is a just a mess and we just can't bring ourselves to do a thing about it!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to wish you a happy new year! Thanks for sharing your "real side"!

Michelle said...

love this post and your blog....I have a third boy on the way...my house is a disaster right now!!

Unknown said...

So true! There are parts of my home my readers will never see ; ) Have a wonderful week!

Brandi said...

Such great post! I enjoy cleaning my house and creating a home for my family, but sometimes life gets in the way and the kitchen becomes a disaster area and laundry piles up. Glad to know I'm not alone!

How bout all that snow we got!!!! Hope you and your boys will have a chance to get out and enjoy it!!

Lorrie said...

What a great post. You are really down to earth but still stylish! Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Yep. That pretty much looks like reality! :-) Your comment about not blogging if you didn't get a comment cracked me up. Hope you're having a good week...

Suzie said...

What a great post!! It is so great to see the real side of bloggers who are seemingly perfect! :)

While I don't comment often, I am an avid reader of your blog and this post just makes me like you even more. :)

Happy New Year!

charm home said...

Love this post. It is so true. If people only knew what my house looked like most of the time. I'm the world's worst house keeper and I don't have the money or the time to do the things I really want to do to my home. Whenever people meet me they always think that my home is perfectly designed [because I'm a designer and all designer's homes look perfect]. I just giggle to myself and say it's a work in progress.


Keeping it real baby!!! My house can look like a war zone at times and I really don't care :) With just me and my husband...messy marvin!

Averill said...

Ah very true, and it's nice to be reminded that no one really lives in a perfectly styled house 100% of the time; it's just not realistic. That said though, it is fun to dream sometimes! :)

Nelly said...

Love this post! Thanks for keepin' it real! :-)

Tara said...

Phew, thanks for this post. Now, I can rest better tonight, knowing my pile can wait till tomorrow!

Shannon said...

With three kids here, I can appreciate the look your house has when you've been sick (or busy with anything). If Momma's sick the wheels fall off the wagon. I love the pics of your kids running around - esp. the one with the curtain whooshing out after them!

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