MASTER BEDROOM…A chair, a friend, and a baby?

Hello my friends! I’ve so busy with getting things together for my other blog Swoon Worthy Boutique, that I’ve been slacking around here.  Okay, here’s what’s going on…

The table that in the corner of my room

skirted table 003

Well, I’m having a hard time liking it! I know that I am to keep going until I’m done, but when I continue to work around something that I’m not sure I really like, I tend to get uninspired.  What are my plans now?  Well, yesterday I purchased this chair


It’s actually in pretty good condition so for now I’m just going to have it stem cleaned and then put it in my room.  I think I’d like that a lot better than the table!  And on top of that, my pillow covers are scheduled to arrive today! I’m glad you guys like them.  My friend Myssie and I have been going back and forth about these.  We both LOVE the print.  So once she ordered the fabric for herself and sent me a picture of it, I had to get them! Thanks Myssie!

Set of Two - Decorative Pillow Covers - P Kaufmann - Floral - 17x17 inches - Chartreuse - Mauve - Plum - Throw Pillows - Sofa Pillows


And on a side note, I just realized after going over to twitter that Myssie FINALLY gave birth last night to a baby girl!!! Congrats girlSmile


(so cute!!!)

If you’re on twitter please hop over an say congrats to my friend!



Mom of 2 Cuties @ Sprinkles of Joy and Laughter said...

Great choice on the fabric. That should add lots of pizzaz to the room. Happy 4th!

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Love the pillows!!! (and what a sweet face...) Have a happy fourth! Janell


I think I'm going to like the chair better anyway! Hope your 4th wasn't spoiled by all the storms!