Kate is having a fun linky party where she asks the question:

What corner of your world have you dedicated to spending time online?

This is a great question because right now, I'm displaced! Since moving from my closet office

Due to my oldest getting his own room, I've been trying to find another little nook of my own

I'm thinking my living room would be the perfect place since it's rarely used and because I love the idea of having a desk in front of that window!

We'll see what I decide! So where do you blog?! Link up to Centsational Girl's Party and let us see!



Mrs. Chic said...

Hmm, I blog pretty much everywhere around my house. Sometimes in the kitchen and other times in my living room or bedroom....soon I plan to a have an office space via a secretary desk....

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

I loved your little closet office, though I have to say I think what you did with the space next was even better! Love love love the orange desk!

Hum, where will you end up? Janell

Laurie-Jean@WilloughbyWhimsy said...

I think your idea of working in front of the window will be ideal! You did a fab job with your closet nook both times! I'm certain wherever you land it'll be the perfect spot!

AmericKim said...

I answered the same question on my blog. I like being displaced. If I felt like I had to blog in one place, I probably wouldn't do it. Love the window in the living room - it would make a nice place for a desk.

Decorchick! said...

Ohhh that living room would be a great place for a big ole desk! :) I want a desk too. Although, I'm sure I'd never use it to blog. It's a great thought though. :)

Centsational Girl said...

Hi Lakeitha ! It's so hard to get displaced, just when you've settled in. I love the idea of you blogging under the window, something about the light and the view makes it a happy space. Thanks so much for linking up to the party!