Hi everyone! Thanks for your patience as I took a little break to hang with the kiddos and hubs.  While I was away, I also had time to do something else.  I opened my etsy shop!!!

etsy banner

I know I’ve been all over the place with my swoon worthy ventures, but after giving it much thought, I realized that my passion is shopping for vintage home accessories and furniture.  What I’ve also realized is that many people love the thought of having vintage pieces in their homes, but don’t have the desire to “hunt” them down. 

I still have more items to list, but I am so excited to share this with you I couldn’t stand to wait another day!

Making my shop affordable was a big concern to me.  So while everything may not come across as a “steal”, I assure you that the prices are fair.

Now for those who haven’t clicked over yet to see what I have listed, here is a teaser


impala bookends

Vintage phone

vintage phone

Vintage brass pig bank

brass piggy bank

Vintage brass and enamel lidded bowl

brass and enamel lidded bowl in chevron pattern

Vintage Lace-edged candy dish

milk glass candy dish

Vintage silverplate cat ring holder

silver plate cat ring holder

Vintage green bamboo glassware

green glassware with bamboo pattern

Vintage linen napkins with pink trim

linen napkins with pink trim (set of 8)

Thank you so much for your support in all of my endeavors.  I hope that you see something you like today! Don’t forget that I am still listing items so if you don’t see something you want or that works in your home right now, keep checking back.  Also, feel free to email me if you’re looking for something in particular…. I may just have itSmile


Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Congratulations Lakeitha, everything looks great and how fun to now be able to go out hunting knowing what you'll do with your found treasures. Off to check out the shop! Janell


I am also going to take a look! Congratulations!

Sing said...

Congrats on the vintage shop, I will take a browse.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your Etsy shop. I'm loving some of the items you have for sale!

Brandi said...

Congratulations on your grand opening! I love the items you have listed. Wishing you the best.

Mrs. Chic said...

Congrats on your Esty shop :)

Tonia B. said...

A big 2 thumbs up!

Ms.JayQue said...

A big congratulations!!!! I've done some browsing and I'm loving all the brass pieces! So excited for you

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