Do you think its possible to be overly inspired?  Ever since joining Pinterest, I’ve been a pinning fool! Who knew there were so many pretty things out there?!

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I think I’ve gotten more addicted to “pinning” than I have to blog reading.  Is there a such thing as being inspired too much?  I mean seriously, do you ever look at your boards and think you’re all over the place?

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I have recently started saying that Pinterest is the site with all of the ideas, but when you log out, you’re left with none.

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I know you know the saying that there is nothing new.  Sometimes I wonder how can there be when we are constantly inspired by something or someone else?  Please note that I am not saying is wrong to be inspired by something someone has done.  But if everything we do comes from that kind of inspiration, where is our own creativity coming from?  I’ve even seen how some companies have been inspired by bloggers to do things in their catalogues. 

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I’ve been feeling uninspired BIG TIME, lately.  What I’ve realized that works for me stepping away from the computer for days.  It helps me to get my mojo back! I’m a lover of good design, but when I see too much of it, I tend to doubt my own design and ideas.  I will do away with projects that I’ve started just to start something that I’ve recently been inspired by.

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Please tell me I’m not the only one that experiences inspiration overload?!


Decor & Harmony said...

I hear you loud and clear :) Pinterest is so inspiring but come on now.....I can't possibly do it all, but I do love to pin! Thanks for sharing I really like the last pic.

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

It is too much, everything is being thrown at us so fast there is no time for reflection and study, taking the time to explore ideas and understand them. I now make it a habit to unplug as much as possible during the weekend and look for other breaks, simply to slow down, have meaningful conversations, walks to enjoy the fresh air and sounds...to find inspiration in person.

I sometimes think this will all implode as it becomes too much!


Tiffany said...

Agreed. You have to unplug, or agree not to buy until you use up some of your stuff. I find that when I have too much inspiration, I do nothing as well. Also, if you are constantly bombarded with new fresh ideas you forget yours, and you just want more fresh ideas. Its easy watching inspiration, harder to act. I personally cut down my blog reader (AACK!). I just ditched the ones I used for eye candy, cause it was too much. I only kept the ones that inspire me to act, to get something done, I need more action and less time on my arse. Good post.

Amanda said...

Amen girl!! I whole heartedly agree. I think as designers we get inspiration overload more than most-from the showrooms, the magazines, other designers work, etc. now with blogs and Pinterest the masses are now well informed and quite decor savy forcing designers to step up their game. I recently just returned from London & Paris and have to admit being away from my computer with camera in hand walking the local streets looking for inspiration brought on a new wave of excitement and passion. Great post!

Vane said...

Well, it all depends...inspiration doesn't always come from a computer screen. I can never have enough from nature and the wonderful colors displayed by God in animals and flowers...beauty and inspiration are all around you, and if you appreciate beauty you can never have too much of it.
Greetings from Costa Rica...Pura Vida!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

You are so not alone! In fact, I have yet to join Pinterst as I feel on overload just with blogs. Don't get me wrong. I love to sift through it all, but I also need to step way way back and away and focus on the people and nature around me.I have started going to the beach on Friday mornings just to be around the sights, sounds, and smells. I agree with you that you start to question what you really love. I have also realized that sometimes I am grossly uninspired and it just ebbs and flows like that. Great post.

Kathysue said...

I think you are on to something! I agree, fast, quick, immediate is making the brain freeze up for sure. I was unplugged for the last week due to some family concerns and I actually picked up a couple of magazines and read them. I realized what you are realizing, we are getting momentary inspiration but not lasting thought provoking inspiration I told myself I am going to read more books and magazines in the future.Great thought provoking post!! Kathysue

Shelby@Perfectly Imperfect said...

YES! I love Pinterest but... sometimes it tends to make me feel like my rooms, decor, ideas, aren't good enough. I also start to feel stressed out because of all the amazing projects I should be doing. I need a break for it now and then too.

Mrs. Chic said...

Yup me too! I love Pinterest, but can only be on there so long each day. So now I focus on things that have been on my mind and see if I can find an idea that relates to it and go from there

Tonia B. said...

Me too, lately I have been on pinterest rather than reading any magazines or blog. There's nothing new, but you can be inspired and put your own spin on an idea— and sometimes yes you can see too much and can't make up your mind or decide on one thing and then see something else....sometimes too much is just that too much.

Carmel @ Our Fifth House said...

Such a great post! There is so much design eye candy out there it can be hard to decide what your favorite style is- it's a lot like being a kid in an ice cream store and not being able to choose a flavor. I typically think more about how I want a space to feel rather than look and that gives me a good place to start - then when I'm sorting through all the eye candy I have an easier time finding inspiration that is relevant to my project.

FlaTav said...

I agree with you completely! I think being over-inspired is the human equivalent of a computer "freeze". You have a huge amount of data being loaded into the processor too quickly and it becomes overwhelmed and "freezes". Our brains are computers, too. I step away from the machines for several days at a time, too. It restores a sense of balance and harmony for me. :)