I started working on my kitchen about a month ago (well a year if you count the mess I made of it when I first moved in to this house!), and it is nowhere near being complete. I change my mind, chicken out about the original plan, and then try something completely new in the middle of the project. Now with a color on my walls that I'm not sure I like, and cabinets that have about three different shades of white on them (because I can't figure out which one will work best with the wall color or the back splash) I'm at a stand still! So after not wanting to post any of my progress, I decided to post ONE picture just to show that I have done something.

First here are some pictures of what the kitchen looked like when we moved in. Very basic and builders grade right? Did I forget to mention how small it is? Well let's not because it's embarrassing!

In this photo you can see the palm tree wall paper border that I snatched down the day we moved in. Are you serious? Palm trees in the kitchen? Really?

And here is a picture of the family room that is right off the kitchen. It is a nice size for us, but it is narrow and my laundry closet is on the back wall so adding seating is hard because I have to make sure I can open the doors to do laundry. Just great!

ANYWAY...Enough rambling

Here is what I have done so far with the kitchen

Yes I painted the walls (I know they look the same as the above photos). Before they were a honey mustard color and now they are a sandy color (lighter than the photo). I painted the cabinets white last year and I'm in the process now of repainting them because up close they look awful! I'm also painting the trim the same color (what color? I don't know!) Originally I wanted black cabinets, but I'm scared I won't like them. I'm also changing the counter tops, adding a subway tile back splash, getting new light fixtures, new flooring, add shelves, and, and, and.....

Anyone out there with advice? PLEASE!!! I'll PAY YOU (seriously I'll pay you!). I know what I want in every room in my house, but this kitchen is freakin me out! I can't see the finish line. I don't know what I will end up with. I think it's the size. It really is small. I don't want to over do it and make it seem smaller, but I do need it to be more functional.

So what do you think? Am I just being a baby? Or does this kitchen require a pro?! Do you have any advice? Have you had any problems or second thoughts, or fears in your own kitchen? Tell me. I really want to know. I feel hopeless!


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Hi Lakeitha...you know, looking at all the photos you posted I think it is a very good thing you didn't decide to paint the cabinets black...would have closed the room down! The white feels brighter and fresh. If I were you I'd focus on finishing the paint on the cabinetry to your satisfaction, then move on to the countertops and backsplash. Once those are complete, you may decide to change the wall color, but don't worry too much about that now...that is any easy change, whereas the hard elements you'll have for awhile! (maybe?)
What flooring do you have in mind? I think in a project like this the best approach is to make the biggest, most permanent selections first. Cabinets, floor, countertops...which will help guide the subsequent decisions. Am I making sense? Take a deep breath, hang in there!

L.Duncan said...

You make perfect sense! I really needed your feed back on this (I'm grateful!) I understand what you mean by the biggest and more permanent selections. I'm thinking hardwood or wood laminate for my downstairs. I think my problem is picking out the biggest items because it's not that easy to change those. I'll keep you posted on my next step. Thanks Janell

D.Duncan(SIL) said...

Janell is a Home Decor genius! I couldn't agree with you more. I too, started with a mess. And had everything ripped out and started from scratch. And remember that was a 14 months ago to now. And I did the biggest permanent selections first, Cabinets & Granite Countertops. Then I painted & love it. But when I did the FLOORS! WOW, I hated the paint. But then all I had to do is bring everything together by picking the right paint. So I consulted with MANY people & hit the jackpot with the paint. So I think your making great progress. But I think you should hit the Countertops & Floor! And just watch your imagination and ideas come together. Because you might end up painting wall and/or cabinets again. And that's OK. When I walk into my kitchen! I LOVE IT! And I've learned that's the one of the most important things, that you like it. The other important factor is that your company doesn't "THROW-UP" upon entering your home. But with your creativity, I doubt that would ever happen with you. And that's more than I can say for others. CHOW!

L.Duncan said...

Thanks for the feedback! I guess it's time to pull myself out of this slump and get back on track. You guys ROCK!

Suzanne said...

Wow. I said i was coming to visit and am grateful others were here before me. As my name is Suzanne, and i, too, am a procrastinator. Not only that - i am the most indecisive girl in the world. Glad Janell jumped in to your rescue. I think the white cabinets are nice and agree that it will all come together after you decide on your bigger/ permanent items. Good luck - I know you'll keep us posted.
P.S. Your blog is fun. And...I am in love with that sofa up there that makes you swoon! Who makes that?

L.Duncan said...

Hi Suzanne!

Are we cousins?! I am the same way! the sofa is by Duncan Phyfe. That particular one is from the 1940's. I love mixing old pieces with new ones. To me its the perfect conversation starter!

Suzanne said...

Ah, yes. Duncan Phyfe, Mrs. Duncan! ;-) It even says so up there, duh. Thanks for waking me up. Me, too - old and new. Love it.

Symone's Mommy said...

Hi, LaKeitha! I saw your comment on my blog...I am a recovering procrastinator. Having a blog creates excitement that MAKES you want to do stuff. Let's keep in touch and share ideas.

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

I know what you mean about not making a decision on the bigger ticket items. I've been tile shopping on and off for a year now for my Kitchen. I'm afraid of making an expensive mistake that I will have to live with for years to come. I like the white cabinets in the small space and your oven/stove choice.

Deborah said...

Hi, this is Deborah from Atlanta. I recently discovered your blog. Like you, I also am afraid of making those big decorating decisions.

Kitchen makeover ideas - read this blog. I'm loving what this gal is doing. She totally rocks!!! Go here: http://let--it--shine.blogspot.com/ and start reading what she does with a little imagination and paint. In August and September, she posted photos of her kitchen re-do. She painted over her laminate countertop and now they look like copper. She hopefully has something you'll like.

BTW - did you ever get your shelves from IKEA? You said you were up here when we had our flood. Man, that was awful! I was one of the lucky ones that didn't sustain major damage - just water gushing over the front door threshhold.

Next time you're in Atlanta, drop me a note, we'll have to meet up and compare decorating notes. I'm a scaredy-cat too, so we'll have a lot to share.


Mrs. Chic said...

I just came across your blog today,I'll have to save it! I like what you;ve done so far! We have the same layout, my kitchen is super tiny too, but really outdated - needs new floors, counters I could go on forever...good job so far.

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