1. My name is Lakeitha
2. I love rich colors and white
3. I have 3 boys and a husband that I adore at times!!!
4. Favorite singer is Beyonce
5. Love laughing
6. love people that make me laugh
7. sometime wish there was 1 more hour in a day
8. Love life simply
9. I can get a vegetarian to buy a Ribeye!
10. I love Michael Buble
11. Oprah is my favorite past time
12. Martha Stewart is my hero
13. HGTV is my life line
14. I love thrift stores
15. Favorite movies: Somethings Gotta Give, The Women, Father of the Bride, Count of Monte Cristo, Maid of Honor, The Lion King
16. Love Hot and Sour Soup
17. I'm a believer that all things good are not expensive
18. Love good design
19. I'm afraid to travel by plane
20. At the age of 26 I still don't know how to swim (it terrifies me to learn)
21. I would like to travel to Paris one day (check back to #19)
22. I like to feel safe with people and not taken advantage of
23. I voted for Barack Obama for my sons and for my ~GRANDMOTHER~
24. I have so many ideas but so little time to execute them
25. I love my life even the not so good times I encounter

So that's 25 things about little old me. What about you? Will you continue following me? Are you ready to make a U-turn?! Who are you? what do you like? Do we have anything in common?


lisa said...

5,6,8,11,18,20,24,and 25 samesies! I hope to start taking swimming classes soon.Both my girls WILL learn how to swim.

L.Duncan said...

It's nice to know people that share some of your same interests! tell some facts about yourself on your blog. People like that!

lisa said...

I have done so many of these on facebook...I'd feel like I would be repeating everything. And since I write mainly for the girls and for our large out of state family...I would definitely be repeating myself. lol

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

I've been to Paris, starting to be afraid of flying and can barely swim! Loved reading your list! Janell

Deitra1922 said...

I can certainly agree with #5 & #6 ! But what I'm learning about myself is that, the older I get my interest certainly change as a mature into the next phase of my life. And trust me, you want to at least know how to doggie paddy in water, and make sure that your boys get swimming lesson at a young age, so they're not like I was. EXTREMELY afraid of water until 5th grade. But I have done thing better with my children, ALL of my babies were in water before they were 6 months old.