Okay so we had to purchase a stove like ASAP and I wanted a stove that was stainless and that matched the fridge that was purchased by my inlaws for a house warming present. The problem is, I have a husband that thinks a stove is a stove, a dishwasher is a dishwasher and a kitchen is a kitchen. Well I'm the complete opposite! A stove is not just a stove. It is the one thing that make me feel like I can cook! A dishwasher is the one thing that make me feel like a clean kitchen is possible even if there are three boys running around throwing food everywhere. And a kitchen is not just a kitchen if it does not look like Janell's kitchen over at Isabella and Max rooms.
So afer debating about this stove issue and talking to my mom, sister, and SIL, I dicided to try the "STAINLESS LOOK" range that was in my husbands so called budget! Really it was out of his budget because he wanted the plain white one that is $358! Check it out next to the stainless fridge and tell me what you think. Can you tell the difference? Is my husband a frugal bugal? or is it okay if I can get my dishwasher drawers?!

please check out Janell's blog. ~WARNING IT IS ADDICTIVE!!~


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Well, what a nice surprise to wake up to this morning...THANKS for mentioning my kitchen and my blog!!
As for husbands with budget on their minds...don't get me started! John is constantly shocked with what things cost when it comes to decorating and furnishing a home. But interestingly when it comes to electronics, bikes, etc., there seems to be a whole other standard!
Anyway, to your stainless steel situation, in the photo the two look great together. Is there a difference in the finish in person, or enough that it bothers you? If not...go for it! Janell

jason_tyler23 said...

I think it looks great and no you can't tell. I personally like stainless look better because its easier to clean and feels a little warmer than stainless. Of course that being said I have stainless look for half the price!