There are so many different ways to to make a headboard. I'm going to take the easy route with plywood, foam, batting, and fabric. My only problem is the type of fabric to use. Should I use a graphic/patterned fabric or a solid? Should I use velvet, linen, or twill? There so many choices to choose from. What do you suggest? Do you have any great sites for finding fabric at a good deal?

Here is an article for different types of DIY headboards


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

Mood Fabrics is a good place to find fabrics, www.moodfabrics.com.
JoAnn has great finds and sales with their coupons, sometimes 40% off one cut of fabric...

What a fun project!! I love the look of the patterned headboards you show, chic chic chic!! I'd avoid velvet...that is my only opinion. Go for it!!!


Mother of Vein of Galen Survivor said...

Out of my jurisdiction! Whatever Janell or Dayka says!

Mrs. Chic said...

Since your bedding will be solid white it might be fun to have a headboard with color - flowers or a pretty pattern would be nice.

I agree no velvet - it would collect lint.

I love Calico Corners for fabric - if there's one my you stop in or shop online, personally I like to look at fabric in person so I can see how it changes in light and feel the qualty.

Here where is your Craigslist steal? I wanna see :)

Anonymous said...
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TheOldPostRoad said...

Look (in person) at Fabrics and Furnishings in Conyers - Exit at Salem Road, go east on Dogwood Drive about one block. They used to have a clearance room (ask them about it-it may have relocated) downstairs with some very good prices. OHCO in Covington also has a super-sale 2x per year - but I do not know when.