Last week on one of my thrift store visits, I came across some black metal chairs. I loved the look of them, but didn't know where I'd use them and figured it would be best to just leave them. Fast forward to when was headed to bed and realized I HAD TO HAVE THEM! My mind was racing with thoughts on what to do with them, but I could not figure out WHERE to use them. Well, the minute I woke up, I knew that they would be perfect for my work room! I high tailed it back to the store so fast lol!

Here they are in their rough state


At only $2 each, why would I have left them there in the first place??? After getting them home, I couldn't wait to test out their scale in the room and see if they were everything I imagined they would be.



My plans are to clean them up (because they are REALLY dirty), and find some fur type fabric to upholster them with. Can you imagine them with some type of furry white fabric? Oh I can! In fact, fur came to mind the first time I saw them:-)

Stay Tuned!


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