Hi! How's your day so far?  I have been running errands all day and while I have a break from a wholesale order I'm working on, I wanted to share a thrift store find with you. 
I picked up this picture holder(?) from one of my hit or miss spots today along with a few other things that I'll share later.
When I saw it, I immediately thought of how the color would go great in my kitchen.  Then I realized it would make a great recipe holder! I originally had planned to repurpose a little box that I had, but I like this even better since the pages flip!
I haven't had the chance to add recipes (duh, I just got it today!), but I will soon.  I've always loved the look of handwritten recipes on little cards.  Now umm... Where can I find some good recipes?!?!
What have you found lately while thrifting? 

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