Now that the bookcases are gold, it’s time to style them! I’m not a fan of styling bookcases.  I love the finished look, but putting it together is hell!  For mine, I knew that I wanted to display my favorite and prettiest things.  AND they could be fragile because after all, this is my space and I will have a lock on the doorSmile

Here are a few snapshots of how the styling process is coming together


I knew I wanted to display my globes on top.  I started by placing a few up there to get a feel of how it would look.  Now that I see it, I’ll continue to add them.  The black magazine files were added last night just to see if I liked them.  I do so the stickers are coming off and I’m going to purchase more.  The wine decanter may seem a bit odd sitting there, but its one of my favorite thifting finds and I love looking at it.  It will stay.


The pink boxes are being used to store my bracelet supplies.  I was making bracelets the other night and looked up to see gold, black, turquoise, and hot pink material laying on my table and was instantly inspired so that’s the direction I’m headed in with the pieces I add to the bookcase.




And I can finally display my favorite jewelry pieces without little hands getting to them! I love love love that!

Ok, that’s all I have for now. The boys are headed back to school next week so we are getting things together and my bracelet business has really taken off.  I would not have thought things would be coming together like this for me. 


La Monica said...

Love the gold bookcases and where you're headed with the styling. The pink boxes really stand out. Enjoy your mommy space and congrats on your bracelet biz!

Sing said...

Congrats on the success of the bracelet business. The shelves look great in gold.

Kim said...

I love this! I'm going to Ikea this weekend. This Vittsjo hack is amazing!

Caitlin Snyder said...

It looks like a movie set! Well done!!

Anonymous said...

The bookcases look great! I'm eager to see the rest of the office come together. I would have picked the same inspiration pictures as well--so pretty!

LindsB said...

Love how these came out- the gold is perfection!

Carmel @ Our Fifth House said...

They're looking good girl! The gold is perfect!

Wanda@Wandaful Wonders said...

I love your bookcases! You did a great job! Thanks for sharing your tip of using Rub n'Buff! Looks lie your inspirational photo!

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