I've said it before and I'm here to say it again, Thrifting is just not the same. I stopped inside a Goodwill the other day and headed to their furniture section. First off, they didn't have much. Most of what they had was pure junk and the few pieces that would catch catch your eye was priced a little steep.
I happen to be a fan of these rockers. They are totally cute for a nursery or child's room and even a family room. I have one in my garage that I paid $5 for. These on the other hand were a lot more than $5.

Ummm... I mean, yeah they could totally go for these prices somewhere else. I'm just not use to paying this at Goodwill. They did have a few other pieces at prices that weren't to shabby. Like this chair for instance

Very nice right? I could see it lacquered a fabulous color with a geometric print fabric added. The price?
less than $30! There was a time I could have gotten this chair for at least $10 less, but who's complaining?
I thought long and hard about ignoring my husband and snatching these babies up

Excuse my language, but I damn near died a thousand deaths when I saw them! I'm still kicking myself for not getting them. Their price?

That price is not for the pair. They were marked separately. I should go back just to test my luck... Ugh they look so good right now. I'm a hoarder and I know:-)

These chairs weren't badly priced either, but for some reason, I didn't get excited about them. Maybe because my husband was rushing me out of the store? I did snap their price as well

Not bad unless you're like me and remember when you could have gotten the same chairs for $30 a pair.
That pretty much sums up my goodwill trip from last week. I did leave with a little something for a whopping $2.50....

A boring little coffee table book about the city of Atlanta. I say boring because well... It's boring! But is is a nice shade of purple so it was perfect:)

When was the last time you thrifted and scored big? Oh and I know that you guys are going to scream at me for not getting those etageres. I know, I know, I know!!!!


Carmel @ Our Fifth House said...

My Goodwills almost never have great furniture. Lamos galore - but no furniture - so I usually check Craigs List and some of the consignment stores but they're usually priced a little higher.

Hey- a reader asked on my fb page if you had a fb page for your shop? Let me know - I couldn't find one. Thanks!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I found a pair of faux bamboo benches for $70 a couple summers ago, but no big scores since. I think all the design blogs and the (now cancelled) Nate Berkus show let the secret of thrifting become not-so-secret. The last time I went to a thrift store there was nothing but overpriced junk. But then again, I'm usually not there when they open the doors in the morning-early bird gets the worm, right?

Brandi said...

I haven't been thrifting in such a long time. The last time I went I didn't find anything too exciting either.

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

It's definitely hit or miss. I think so many people are shopping them now they feel they can jack up their prices - which I hate! Same pricing scenarios at my local thrift stores. It's disconcerting - I've actually found better deals at antique malls.


A Perfect Gray said...

you are right, gal. those shelves are killer.

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

oh yes, those etageres, would have loved to snap those up!

Marcia V. of Precious Style Blog said...

I so understand your frustration with the prices. Above all else, I thought thrift stores were supposed to be a source for those that can't afford retail prices. Um, those ARE retail prices...Well Ikea prices at least.

Elizabeth S said...

Here in Canada, we don't have a Goodwill, but we have a Value Village and a Salvation Army along with independent charity shops associated with animal shelters and hospitals. Back in the 'olden times', the stores were geared to the poor and the struggling, now they are for the middle class and up! There are expensive cars in the parking lots and the poor are often reduced to shop-lifting from the stores which are stocked mostly with donated items, because they can not afford them anymore! Thrift is Big Business and the new up and coming thing is the DoLLar Store! They are on the rise and opening up everywhere you look. They used to called the 5 and 10 cent stores, now they are the 5 and 10 Dollars stores. Discount is not the bargain that it used to be.