Ok guys, this is my first vlog (YouTube video)!!  Please be gentle with the feedback, but please tell me how I could make it better.  Enjoy!

The video was too long for YouTube so here is the last part!


Tonia said...

Great first video! I love the vintage coach bags and the one you have is similar if not the same as the same as the stewardess bag— but I'll one up you on the Coach Bag my mother bought a few weeks back for 50 cents.

Tricia said...

I think I need to move or something. Our Goodwill never has anything good. It's all yard sale leftovers that nobody wants. Seriously! I'm going to have to make a trip over there this week and take some pictures. I did find a new little resale shop that just opened yesterday. They have a lot of vintage pieces for cheap! And the best part is that it is part of a Ministry that donates to the homeless shelters and food banks. So I can get cool stuff and help the community!

The Helpmeet said...

Your first video turned out good! I live in Dallas but didn't know about Value Village. Thanks for that tip! Just as an FYI, they're only located in Georgia, Texas, N. Carolina, and Missouri. I liked the things you picked out but would ave never chosen them on my own. It might help to add some pics of you in the clothes so we can see how you paired them. That always helps me.

Niki McNeill said...

I love shoulder pads too L!!!! I'm obsessed with anything that can make me feel taller :-D

You got some GREAT find.... my only feedback on the video would be to make it shorter! You know we have short attention spans ;)

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