Fall and winter are no doubt 2 of my favorite seasons. During the warmer months, all we can think about is getting out of the house enjoying the sun. For me, in the cooler months, I think of cuddling up on the sofa with a good book and a throw.

When I started thinking about how many years we've been in our home and how long I've been "decorating" it, I realized I haven't had much time to do just that. I also never have my home what I like to call "season ready" in time to really enjoy it like I want. That's all coming to a change!

For the past few weeks, I've been warming up my home. Making it feel like "home".


This picture makes the living room look a little busy, but in all honesty, I love it like this! It's perfect for that book and throw. I have finally had a chance to start a gallery wall (still have a few pictures to add to some frames). I have a little tweaking to do to it, but so far so good. I also purchased a fiddle leaf fig from Home Depot. I felt like the space needed some more "life"!

(I have yet to find a basket to sit it in!)

It not going to sit in this spot, I just sat it there to get a little sunlight.

I have a few more things to do and then I'm going to snap some better pictures. I've also started rub n buffing the frames of the mirrors in the dinning room


They are looking great! I can't believe it took me so long to hang them. And just in case you missed it, the mirrors came from Goodwill a while back. I knew they'd be perfect on this wall when I purchased them:)


And of course I can't end this post without mentioning voting! Make sure you go vote! It doesn't matter to me who you vote for, I just think its important that you do!





Little Bitty Damn Houze said...

Love your style and your blog! Because of you I have used Rub & Buff! Twice! Second time, not so sure I got the effect I wanted, but it is ok! Please visit my blog and follow if you can!


p.s. I agree about voting! I voted on 1st day of early voting in Texas. Now will just sit and wait!

Brandi said...

I love your gallery wall, L! Good luck with your fiddle leaf fig, mine died. Your mirrored wall looks nice as well. I like that you are going to buff them.

PinkPanthress said...

I love the cold half of the year, too.
Most of all, Autumn! :)

Your couch already looks quite comfy with all the beautiful pillows on top.

Also love the idea of the mirrors in the dinning room, I believe it makes the room bigger!?

Have a great day.

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greenline said...

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