Ever since I started this blog I have been drawn to color.  Like LOTS of color.  And with any venture I've started (vintage furniture makeovers, vintage rentals, now jewelry making), I tend to use A LOT of color! The interesting thing about this is that I've noticed that when it comes to my home, color is used sparingly.  Why?
So the other day I set out to change that.  I have decided to add more pops of color throughout my house.  I made a joke on instagram saying that I'm determined to brighten my home one throw and pillow at a time. 
Here are a few ways I've added color to my home so far:
Green tray from Target on my coffee table
Piece of art I scored at the thrift store (already framed!).  It's been sitting around for months and I finally hung it at the top of my stairs.

$10 chevron pillow from Marshall's.  The color isn't showing well in the pic, but its the same green as the tray.  Its perfect in my dark brown bedroom.

Flamingo glasses from IKEA! I haven't decided if I want these in the kitchen or in my living room for my "bar".

Throw from IKEA and water color inspired pillow from HomeGoods.  I'm also planning to redo that picture wall above my sofa.  It's just too brown lol!
Its basically one dose of color at a time around here, but I can already feel my home feeling more and more like "me"!
And speaking of color, I just added more color to the shop with my new tassel bracelets!  They're definitely worth checking out;-)  
What ways have you added color to your home?  Or wardrobe for that matter?


Unknown said...

Love color!! :) The throw pillow & throw look so happy together.

I love using it everywhere :) Getting ready to paint our front door a fun happy color :) Love those bracelets! I can't decide what color to order :)

Tammy@InStitches said...

Your colors look so happy ! I think I'm going to be adding a lot of mint green to my summer wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

Color does a mind good. Flamingo glasses...IKEA? I've been thinking of flamingos a lot lately.

Those tassel bracelets are the bidness!!!

Unknown said...

I love that sweet thrift store painting! And the watercolor pillow too! I've been adding yellow, strangely enough.

Anonymous said...

I have burst out of my color rut and have been inspired by the peacock! So many colors to pick from. Love the new blog!

CohesiveRandomness said...

I have the same floral pillow from Homegoods! Love it! You can see mine on my blog, www.cohesiverandomness.blogspot.com

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