This post is one that I have been hesitant to write.  It's a matter that has been heavy on my heart for a while and I went back and forth on if I should share my thoughts on the blog.  After speaking with another blogger earlier and her completely dismissing where I was headed with the idea of writing this post, I decided that it's something that indeed needed to be said and I was going to say it!
As you all know, I started making and selling jewelry a little over a year ago now.  It started just on a whim and took off faster than I ever expected it to.
Because I kind of threw myself into this "business", I had to learn things very quickly.  I also had to be very devoted to every little tidbit/detail that went into running the shop.  At times it gets very overwhelming and lonely. I'm not even going to get on how frustrating it is:)
Anyway, to make a long story short, I have become VERY DEVOTED to my shop.  I constantly try to figure out new ways to make it better, run smoothly, and basically make it into a great online source for must-have accessories.  But with all that came seclusion.  I don't hang out as much as I use to.  I'm not readily available as I once was.  Dinner is not a complete meal every night.  My friendships don't consist of the same quality time.  Because of those things, I found myself apologizing ALL OF THE TIME! I mean seriously, it even shows up on my blog.  How many times have I said I was busy and that I'm sorry?
(Amelia worn by @whippycake on IG)
Well, I'm tired of that.  We were all taught growing up that you apologize when you do or have done something wrong.  I attended a blogher sponsored event a few years back where we were invited to Coca-Cola to hear more about the company and one thing that I remember was one of the female VP's speaking and saying something along the the lines of as women, we are made to feel as if we are suppose to do everything.  And that if we for some reason, can't complete a task, we feel bad about it.  She went on to say that she has never apologized for doing her job.  How many times have you apologized for something that really didn't deserve an apology?  Like a friend coming over and you not having a chance to pick up the toys.  First thing out of your mouth is "Oh I'm so sorry that these toys are everywhere".  WHY is that?  Don't you have children?  Don't your friend know that?  What about being too tired to make dinner so you grab takeout.  Why apologize?  Didn't you make dinner every other night of the week?
(Stella necklace photographed by Kristin)
Let me jump back on track for a moment and get to the gist of this post.  I will not continue to apologize for eveything that I do just because I feel like I should have been able to do more! And I want you to take on the same mentality! I work now.  Not only do I work, but I run/operate a business that has only one employee...ME! And aside from all of that, I'm also a wife and a mother.  Those two jobs alone had already jacked up my social life so just imagine what running a fairly successful business is doing?
(Shelly from House of Smiths wearing the COCO necklace)
By no means am I trying to complain here.  Nor am I attacking anyone.  What I'm doing is trying to make sure that we (especially women) use our apologies at the right time.  We can't be all things and do all things.  But by doing this we also must be ready to accept that everyone around us can't handle it.  Most people realize that we grow and we change.  And if they aren't there, yet, it's ok.  Give them a little while and they will be totally understanding:)
How often do you apologize for things that you aren't doing wrong?  Let's change that today!


Janell @ House of Fifty said...

I'm glad you wrote this post! Proud of you and your path and no apologies needed!

Shavonda said...

Such a powerful post lady. So so true. No more unnecessary apologies.

Barbara Matson said...

Well said! Now if you could STOP making such amazing jewelry so I could decide what I want from your shop! Every time I check it out, you throw something new into the mix, bad news for an indecisive girl like me! Keep up the great work!

Katrina@ChicLittleHouse said...

Great post and so try about always saying sorry etc. :)

graywolff said...

I LOVE you!!!

Moments of Happiness Designs and Novelties Inc said...

This post hit home!

Little Bitty Damn Houze said...

Amen Sister!

Sara Lorton said...

I love this...You are so right! I think it's great that you wrote this, bc we all do it and need to stop ;-) have a good weekend!!

Emily A. Clark said...

I totally get this. (Although I've given up on the idea of a social life 2-3 babies ago!) You're doing an awesome job and it's been fun to watch you find your direction and grow--quickly!!

Miss M&M said...

So funny I just used this same quote by Eleanor Roosevelt for my team the other week. It has become my motto.

Miss M&M said...

I love the pieces by the way!!

Laura@Elegant Nest said...

Just spent some time catching up on your posts and just had to comment. Love this post and your perspective. You should not have to apologize for being a successful one woman army! Thanks for sharing.

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