Hi guys! Yesterday I showed you the color of the ‘Big Boy’ room. Today I am suppose to show you the palettes, but I think that would be boring if I popped some pictures of two palettes on here and said “here are the palettes”! So, I wanted to show you a simple project that I worked on last night.

If you noticed in the inspiration picture, the bedskirt was trimmed with navy. Here is a close look at what I’m talking about


Nice, right? I think so too, but not for $129 for a twin. So I went the DIY route and decided I could make that for around $25. Here is what I used

boys 178

$14 bedskirt from Target

boys 186

1.5” thick Navy blue grosgrain ribbon $3.49 (x2) and stitch witchery $6.99

And here are the steps I took to get a look similar to the inspiration

boys 190

Lay out your bedskirt. I placed the stitch witchery along the top of the bottom seam of the skirt. I did this because it is not as wide as the ribbon. So the bottom of the ribbon meets the bottom of the bedskirt and the leaving the stitch witchery in the middle of the ribbon (does that make sense?)

boys 187

boys 189

boys 191

Once you have your ribbon straight with your bed skirt, then you can start applying heat with your iron.

boys 201

boys 193

Simply follow the line of the bed skirt. Because it is a tailored bed skirt, I trimmed all “open” sides with ribbon too.

boys 194

If you plan to use this type of bed skirt (Room Essentials from Target), be careful of the base part because if you iron it, this is what happens:) oops!

boys 196

When I got to the bottom, I decided to fold over extra ribbon

boys 197

boys 198

boys 200

which gave me a clean edge. Notice the white peeking out from below the ribbon. The good thing about using stitch witchery, is that you can pull it apart (with all your mite), and fix any mistakes!

boys 202

After you're done, you should have a skirt that looks something like this

I know that this wasn’t the best tutorial, but I can answer any questions that you have a little better than how I explained here. Just leave me a comment with your question.

Oh and before I forget, here are the palettes in the room:-)

boys 185

I’ll show you the room with the bed and skirt tomorrow!


Champagne on Tuesdays said...

The bedskirt came out looking fabulous - thanks for the instructions.

Very excited to see what you do with the shipping pallets.

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job, they look just as good as the inspiration bedskirts, and thanks for the "how to"! I just bought a bedskirt for the master bedroom redesign and want to add trim, I hadn't thought of the stitch witchery! Thanks...Janell

Heather said...

WOW! What a great idea. It really pays to be creative, and YOU are.
I love the idea. It turned out fab!

Shalawn said...

I love the idea for the bedskirt!! I can't wait to see everything when you are done!!

Lynn said...

Thanks so much for sharing your bedskirt tutorial! This is such a neat and creative idea, and it definately saves one a bunch of dollars in our budget's too! I can't wait till tomorrow to see more of what you're sharing with us!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Myssie@PendletonMarket said...

LOOOOVE IT!! The bedskirt looks just like the inspiration! Fabulous job! I can't wait to see the room all put together!!

Trish @TheOldPostRoad said...

GREAT job! It looks exactly the same!!!

Sing of Singature Style said...

Good job.


Unknown said...

Great idea & how to, I like the look of the bedskirt with the ribbon, it looks very nice!

autumn said...

i LOVE grosgrain ribbon! those bedskirts are going to look fantastic.

Erika Ward said...

very nicely done, LaKeitha! keep up the momentum!

Tonia Lee Smith said...

OOOooooo, looking good, young lady. I'm thinking that this may look a lot better than the inspiration room.

lindsay said...

this is FANTASTIC. stitch witchery is the bomb. looks great!

Unknown said...

Such a great idea! This would be great for curtains too....

micah said...

Nice work, it looks fabulous!

Tara said...

Great job, thanks for sharing. What good idea. I was thinking about replicating that for curtains for the new nursery project:)

###### said...

you go girl. i need that tape stuff myself. where did you find it.

Unknown said...

Great idea! I thinks the room is going to turn out fabulous. Can't wait to see it!

Karen said...

I am sooo stealing your idea for my guest room. Like you I don't want to spend a fortune for twin bed dust ruffles-especially for a room that gets little use. I've been searching high and low for an affordable option. I can visualize it now and it's spectacular!

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

It looks super sleek! I love where this room is going!!

Diamonds Pearls and Crazy in the world of Barbie Jones said...

I don't how i missed this girl! I know that's right! U did a WONDERFUL JOB!

Honey I'm Home Blog said...

You are brilliant! Love it!

Warmly, Michelle

Stella said...

Fantastic idea ! The bedskirt looks great... Thanks for the tip and the how to :)

René said...

I love this idea!! Just found you on Emily Clark's blog.


Amy said...

Great post! I am in need of a bedskirt for our Master Bedroom, I will be putting this on our to-do-list! *Amy

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