Y.O.L.O is the MOTTO

Today is my Birthday! I am now 29 years old.  For some this may seem like nothing, but for me it’s huge because it’s the last year in my 20’s!!!

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On Friday, two of my friends took me out to a new restaurant in town.  It was a much needed girls night out with two girls that have seen me through all of my twenties and most of my teenage years. 

There is nothing better than good friends.  Although they gave me things for my birthday, this picture is the best gift.  It made me realize how much I love those girls.  I’m tearing up just thinking about it.

bday1    bday5



On Saturday, my friend Beatrice took me to see a musical at the Fox theater called “Memphis”.  We both gave it two thumbs up.

For the past few weeks I’ve been putting together a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30.  This entire year my motto is You Only Live Once (Y.O.L.O).  A few weeks ago, one of my friends brother went missing.  He’s still missing.  Fourteen days after his 25th birthday he was nowhere to be found.  And a few weeks before that, a classmate from high school died in her sleep.  I think Y.O.L.O is a good fit for how I'm feeling right now when it comes to living life.  That’s why I haven’t been doing much around my home.  DIY and interior decorating has consumed me for the past three years.  Over the holidays I had a small Christmas party with just a few of my closest friends.  While sitting at the table talking and laughing, I had a moment.  I realized that I missed hanging out.  I missed laughing.  I missed REAL TANGIBLE people!!! Blogging had become my everything.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy blogging, but I enjoy living life too.  I have put off a lot of things in my life for no real reason.  This year I plan to do as much as I possibly can.  I won’t bore you with the entire list, but I will blog about whatever it is I’ve done that was on the listSmile 

 Here’s to celebrating my birthday all year!!!


Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Yes, celebrate today and all year long!! I like that idea, happy birthday Lakietha, get spoiled today! Janell


I love reading you on FB!! Very entertaining, although sometimes when you score at thrifting I get a little jealous:). Have a wonderful birthday girl! I hope this is your best year!!!

Emily A. Clark said...

Happy Birthday Lakeitha! You are such a baby, you young thing :)

Sing of Singature Style said...

Lookin good. 30's aren't so bad either.

Brandi said...

Happy Birthday Lakeitha! Hope your day is fabulous!

Kathysue said...

Laekitha, you are wise beyond your 29 years. People you love are what is important and the time you spend with them. Not lots of time but quality time. Love your color combos!! Looking good and happy happy Bday sweetie,
xo Kathysue

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!! Looking good, love that pink belt :)

I love your new motto, life is all about living and having fun and enjoying all those moments :)

Sarah said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Congrats on getting closer to your 30's, you will LOVE them!

P.S. Loving the fuschia and blue combo!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! 29 was really hard for me, but my best years yet have been my 40's. You look wonderful and I love your Y.O.L.O list idea!

Tonia Lee Smith said...

Happy Birthday! You're right you only love once. It's wonderful to just live life and take care of things as they are dealt to you, because one thing is for certain we all are leaving this earth. Go forth and leave your mark!

Thrifty Decor Chick said...

Happy belated girl!! You look fantastic! We saw Memphis in NYC and LOVED it. I think it's one of my all time faves now. :)