Did you know that the July/August issue of House of Fifty was released last Monday?!  Have you read it yet?

Here are a few of my favorite articles:

“Making the Most of the Home You’re In” by Courtney Lake (starting on page 46)


“Inspired by Color” by yours truly (starting on page 142)


“Perfectly Sun Kissed.  The FakeBake Way!” By MiMi Inman (starting on page 122)



And while we’re on House of Fifty, I think my husband may have read our last issue! We celebrated our 7yr wedding anniversary on July 7 and my gift was a watch.  Not just any watch might I add. 


An oversized Michael Kors watch similar to the styles featured in the anniversary issue of House of Fifty (starting on page 130)

watch hof

Too bad I’ll never know if that’s where his inspiration came from (he’ll never admit to it), but either way, I was beyond thrilled! Thrilled at the gift and the fact that he may have actually flipped through the magazineSmile


ib73 said...

Love your blog and your esty shops. Keep up the good work. Now, how can I get my hands on a paper copy of House of Fifty?

L.Duncan@Home23DuncanBoys said...

Hi "ib73"! Thanks! Here is the link to where you can purchase the magazine. Hope you're having a fabulous day:)

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Thanks for all your work on HOF Lakeitha and for the shout out today. AND, wow, your hubby did good! Happy Anniversary! Janell

ZDub said...

Lord, I have wrist envy. :)

Brandi said...

Happy Anniversary! Your husband has great taste!

Ms.JayQue said...

Just stopping by to say Hi and congrats on your etsy shops and your 7 yr anniversary .... LOVE that watch btw!