Okay ladies, I know I said that this is going to be my office, but is it fair to call it an office when lots of other things will be done here? Should I call it a craft room, inspiration space, office, or just MY SPACE?!! I have a house full of men and nothing in here really says girl except for my side of the closet in my bedroom! I want a space just for me that can be as pink as I want and as girlie as I want. You know how men have man caves, and garages, well that is what I want this space to be, but for me!

I am smitten with the first picture below↓ I love the pinks and browns and the green on the walls, but I don't think that the drawers would be functional in my space.

This photo↓ says Hi my name is L.Duncan and I create all things pretty! I love the cool color palette because it allows all of the materials in the room to be the pops of color.

This picture↓ just reminds me that I need to learn how to sew! I do however love the LACK shelves from IKEA.

Sooo my reason for this post is to ask you guys this: How I'm I suppose to incorporate these rooms in to my very small, very dreary, very uninspiring space?!

I have a hard time picking colors that work well together. I only want to paint this closet ONCE (except for when it's time to sell!). What would you do to your own space? Oh and by the way, Target's collge '09 items are on clearance so I picked up some of the pink/fuscia/purple small storage containers and trays. The color is similar to SW Juneberry 6573. It is like the darker pink in the first photo. I will be making my first (and hepefully only) trip to IKEA next week so I hope to have the painting done by then.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any?! Or am I REALLY in over my head?

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Isabella & Max Rooms said...

It would be great if you could take advantage of all the room in the upper part of the space. Do you have the option of adding more shelving or is your hope to work with what is already there? Have any carpenters at your house? (I don't!) A couple shelves would provide a lot of storage...

I'd have fun with the color, I'd 'line' the back of the desk to the floor with a panel to hide all the cords. This would be a great place to add another color or cover with a fabric, print, stripe, etc.

A tall thin lamp on the desk, a message board lining the back wall...oh, so many options! I actually love designing tiny spaces, thinking of them as a jewelry box.

Have fun! Janell

Yansy said...

Hey girl, There was something wrong with blogger and I couldn't leave you a comment for the last couple of days. Love, love the parson desk and the idea of shelves. Perhaps, painting the inside a fun color could really work and maybe a tiny gallery wall.

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. I would like to invite you to come and participate in my giveaway.

Its So Very Cheri said...

Lots of packed storage.You can make your own magnets boards to attach to the wall behind the desk.
There are so many things.

I'm so sorry I made you cry. I hope you come by and read lots of other posts tha are fun like this one: Knock Off Knock Out

Its So Very Cheri said...

Hey I was checking my followers and realized I had just left you a message. You don't have LINKS sey up in your Google account so I can not get over to visit you unless you leave me a message. You need to go in to your dashboard and sign in to your google account click on EDIT PROFILE and then scroll down, almost to the bottom of the page on the left side and you will see LINKS you need to add your blogs URL and then I recommend using both your first name and your blogs name so people know who you are. I did a post just a couple of days ago about this. You might want to go read it.


לקטוזית said...

Hi, love the room, and love the chair!
where is it from ?