These are just a few desk that I would love to incorporate into my office/inspiration/craft space:

This desk is by Johnathan Adler and I love the color and the clean lines, but not the $1250 price tag

Another desk with clean lines, the Parson Desk by West Elm. Simplicity at it's finest. Seamless drawers and a lacquered finish makes this desk great for male or female and for $299 it's pretty reasonable.

This little 'lady' is the LEKSVIK desk from IKEA and the price tag is great ($139). All she needs is a little sprucing up! I'll go for pink and add a glass knob to the drawer for her jewelry! Her nice curvy legs says all woman and would add a feminine touch to a young girl's rooms or a confident fashionistas office (after the sprucing up of course!).

Last, but definitely not least, this dream of a desk by Barbara Barry (oh how I love her so). This is the ladies desk by Ms. Barry and it's also one the loves of my life! I would put this in my bedroom if I didn't have a room for an office. I probably wouldn't use it for a desk at all because of how pretty it is. I would have it set up like it is in this photo. This has to go with the things that make me SWOON! I just wish I had the nearly $6000 to pay for it.


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

The Ikea Desk has the best lines! Are you getting it? It would be so much fun to paint and dress up just like you described. And what a great price...wish I had seen this prior to finishing Isabella's room. :(

Suzanne said...

Only $6k? Is that all? Love it.

I have a used "way cute desk" on order for my bedroom makeover. Too bad I haven't seen it in person, yet. But it will be painted. :D

I like the Ikea desk, too! It really caught my eye while first scrolling through your photos.

Tamstyles said...

mmmmmmmmmm. me to.

Yansy said...

I like the Ikea desk but I tend to be drawn to clean lines so the parson is my favorite, specially in white. I can't wait to see which one you choose.

Symone's Mommy said...

I don't typically like contemporary styles (clean lines and all), but the Ikea desk puts a little *umphh* in it. I would love to have that in my daughter's room (or maybe even my office).

Living With Lindsay said...

That Jonathan Adler desk is to die for. Wow!

I saw your note on my blog about the painted laminate furniture. Mine is holding up perfectly! Yours should, too. Just make sure to poly it after painting it. I need to go back and do that to mine, but I'm being lazy. :)

debra said...

Love all the desks! But the Ikea one is probably the most practical (and affordable!) Love it! Can't wait to see what you end up doing.

Annette said...

All of those desks are lovely. But don't ignore those thrift store desks. I just found a nice desk for $19 at a local resale store that just needs a little touching up.

Mother of Vein of Galen Survivor said...

I love the entire concept & idea! Once again, I'm going to duplicate one of your brilliant ideas in my guestroom closet. And I'm going to get a desk from Homegood, I'm hoping by now there on clearance. Chow!

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