Tomorrow I'm having our second annual end of summer party. I started it because I wanted my kids to get at least one more FUN day in with their cousins before the summer completely ended. This year the theme for the party is BUGS! There will be tons of creepy crawly bugs everywhere, which is funny because I am terrified of All bugs (even butterflies!). I know after having a house filled with youngsters and friends and family, my labor day celebrations will be very minimal so I'll probably just have a laid back Sunday and Monday and watch one of my all time favorite movies "Somethings Gotta Give". And for those of you who haven't seen the movie, it's a must! Not only will you get in a few laughs, but some nice eye candy as well. Check out a few of my favorites:

I love love love Diane Keaton and all of her films! And I loved seeing Jack Nicholson play his role.

Images: Architectural Digest


Daryl at Vermont Cottage said...

Gorgeous set. I may have to rent the movie again just to be inspired. How's the bathroom reno. going?


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

I loved this movie...AND THE HOUSE!!!!!!!! I couldn't stop thinking about it. Again, you've got me wondering why I don't watch more movies these days!
p.s. have fun at your end of summer party

L.Duncan said...

Hi Daryl,

The bathroom is pretty much complete! I just need to add a few more items

Thanks for asking!

Karli @ RockyBella said...

Beautiful. I love movie houses. I wish there was more pics out there of good movie sets.

The DIY Show Off said...

Thanks for stopping by to see me! It's so nice to "meet" you!

I love that movie and that house is amazing. I can dream! :)

Have a super week!

MzMannerz said...

This is an OLD post...it was a suggested "You might also like" read at the bottom of today's post when I read it.

Just had to comment because I am also terrified of ALL bugs, including butterflies! No one ever gets that. I'm cringing just thinking about them.

Also love Something's Gotta Give - every single detail about that house rings with me.

Hope you read the comments on your old posts! :D

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