As you know, I am continuing my search for bedding for my bedroom.  Below you will see some of the contenders for the room and the pros and cons.


These two duvets from Pottery Barn would be ideal.  The problem is they only come in white.  I know that you guys said mixing whites is alright, but I can only see that happening if they are in the same family (cool whites, warm whites).  Since the white I used in my room is “warm”, I think using a stark white duvet would be too much of a contrast and drive me crazy.
















I purchased the Pintucked duvet from West Elm, but quickly realized it wasn’t what I had in mind.  The only thing left for me at the moment is a simple ivory duvet that isn’t too expensive that can do the job until I find something that I love.  That is where the hemstitched duvet come into play from overstock.  I’ve never ordered anything from overstock other than a book so I’m not sure about quality.  Have any of you purchased bedding from them before?


Dayka (Life +Style) said...

i haven't but i know of some people who have purchased other house goods from there and have been pleased. and you can't beat the price!

i LOVE monogrammed bedding.

Lynn said...

I've not purchased anything from them yet, but my daughter and one of her best friends have, and they have been real pleased with all their purchases so far!

I am looking for new bedding also.. I just might have to go and check them out myself!


Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

I hear the best things about Overstock, but have yet to purchase from them...don't they have a good return policy? If so, might be worth the try!

Mrs. Chic said...

I love Overstock! I've gotten chairs for living room from them and most recently a chandlier.

When I buy from them, I read every reader review on the product and double check the return policy - sometimes products look different then the ones you buy, so reviews catch this issue.

I returned to them before, with no hassle and a full refund.

Good Luck!

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

I've never purchased from sheets from Overstock. However, the things that I have purchased I've been happy with. Arrived, in great condition.

charm home said...

I actually really like that hemstitched duvet from overstock. I can't wait to see it in your room. I haven't ordered anything from there before but I would bet the quality is pretty good. That's the beauty of returns. Don't like it, give it back. Hopefully you will like it though and hopefully it will be perfect for you. :o) xo, Cristi

Karen said...

I have purchased from Overstock and the quality so far has been very good - also have returned and that was not a problem either so i say go for it! I feel as if we're kindred spirits - i too have three boys and am trying to find the calm in the chaos! I love design and trying to maintain a bit in my home that has been taken over by boys! :) they are so much fun though - as you know, never a dull moment! Good luck! Karen

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