Those of you that have been reading this blog for a while may remember the playroom that I put together for the boys

You also may remember me not being too thrilled with the color blue I chose!

Well, lately I've been thinking about redoing the playroom and making it work for the kids and the adults. I saw this image on a blog a while back then I saw it again on a few other blogs so I googled playrooms to try to find the source because I would love to see more of the space, but I had no luck....

I love the color palette. Green, brown, beige, pops of red... My first search was for the fabric because that stripe roman shade and pillows really make the room.

Here is what I came up with:

The first fabric is my absolute favorite! Oh I love it! Then you have the stripe fabric that is amazingly similar to my inspiration image

This room is going to require some big ticket items so its going to take a while for me to put together. I'll keep you posted on all of the progress that is made!

So what about you, are you working on any projects?!

Fabric was found on Fabric.com


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

This fabric is so happy! A great start to your redo. I'm working on finishing up Max's room, which I HAD better finish soon because the husband is complaining his office project has been on hold for a BIT too long! Janell

MzMannerz said...

That fabric is gorgeous! Both are, not sure how you will choose.

I've seen that image somewhere and I wish I could remember where because I could have sworn there were more photos. Hmmm. If I come across it, will let you know.

I am always knee deep in projects. I wish I were a person who started and finished one thing before moving on to the next but I'm not (nor do I really know anyone like that, I guess!).

Mrs. Chic said...

I've been loving that fabric for a while (in grey) It's going to turn our nice - love the green mixed with borwn.

I'm working on our bedroom and many many outdoor projects!

MzMannerz said...

It was bothering me so I had to look around... the playroom I remember is not the one you posted above, but very similar. I figured you might like it as an inspiration pic too, so here it is:


Direct pic:


Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

I've seen that room, IF ONLY I CAN REMEMBER WHERE!. So glad to see you are back to your old decorating self...I'm loving maps and think I may use one in the boys bedroom...
I love both fabrics, stunning and happy!

Brooke said...

i seen that recently! I will ask the pampered chef lady where she stole that design from; she has a room similar.

the fabric is so inviting and "purdy"

that would be nice!

Keep us posted.
you have great ideas all the TIME!

Living It At Home said...

I love your inspiration room. I am also in love with stripes. Especially green ones. Cannot wait to see everything when you are done!

I am working on several projects. Actually too much at once and not getting much done that way!

Symone's Mommy said...

Hey, LD! I am working on some projects...STILL LOL Hope you and fam are well.

Erica @ Decorica said...

I really like that room. The mix of brown and that bright green is the perfect color combo that adults and kids would both like.