Emily blogged about her kitchen nook makeover and it was fabulous!


What stood out for me was that she used short drapes on her windows.



After reading the comments she received on the post where she questioned the use of them, surprisingly. a lot of people would rather have a root canal than hang short curtains in their home!  I have a small eat-in kitchen and in the area where the table sit, I have a double window and I plan on using shorter length drapes at that window due to my three boys and their sticky fingers!



Here is the deal!


Have you seen the Dwell Studio line of table cloths at Target?  Well I snatched up two of them for $9.98 each!



The plan is to use these table cloths on the window for drapes! They do measure 60x84, but I want them to be short just like Emily’s!


What do you think, would you hang short drapes on your window?  Or do you prefer floor length?


Tricia said...

Well my cotton damask curtains from Pier 1 were almost floor length (had to raise them a little due to floor vents) in my living room. I washed them in cold water and dried them on a cool cycle.

When we hung them back up, they were almost 12 inches shorter. I kid you not! I couldn't believe it. All I could do was laugh. For the first few days I thought it was ridiculous looking but now it is starting to grow on me. They end right at the bottom trim of the window. I think I will leave them like that for a while.

Give it a shot. You are the one who has to live with them, not anyone else. If you find you don't like them, you aren't out that much money. You could always turn them into cute throw pillows, right?


Emily A. Clark said...

Oh my goodness! That tablecloth is fabulous! It will make perfect drapes. Thanks for the mention :)

Ashley said...

Drapes shorter than the window sill make me cringe! If you're going to hang short drapes, at least let them go an inch or two below the sill. It just looks cleaner.

I still prefer floor length, though!

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

I this setting/room I believe that short drapes work.

Angeline said...

I prefer long...BUT I have on my list to shorten the curtains in my kids' rooms because they are constantly pulling on them!
I LOVE Emily's nook makeover and the fabric you've chosen for yours- so pretty!
Opting on the side of our maintaining "Mom's" sanity works for me!

Laurie Jones said...

I think I was one of the few people who told her I was for her doing shorter drapes! I'm glad she followed her intuition because her nook turned out fab!! I love the pattern you picked and can't wait to see your finished project!!

Sing said...

I think it looks odd on those windows and I prefer long. I just think they make more of a statement.

Mrs. Chic said...

Depends short length curtains work perfect on window seats etc.

However I prefer longer drapes. Her's do look nice though - but the length isn't for me

Erica said...

Gorgeous fabric! I still root for the long ones. I like the way they draw the eye up. Maybe you can use hidden clip rings so that you can remove and wash easily? xo

Stacy of KSW said...

I think they look great in a breakfast nook setting & I am in love with that table cloth and it will be smokin in your home!

I had a vision last night involving gray & white stripes above the chair rail in my boys room ... and black & white bold graphic drapes. Now I just have to muster up the courage to paint stripes and what to paint underneath? Chalkboard paint, a light paint or a dark paint ... decisions decisons

LilPeach (aka Laura) said...

I love long drapes in bedrooms, living rooms, formal dining rooms and framing the tub in the bathroom.

That being said, there are situations where shorter curtains are necessary--like kitchens, nooks, playrooms and anywhere that you have baseboard heat beneath a window.

Love the curtain pattern you chose and using a table cloth with cliprings is a great cost/time saving idea.

If you are cutting and hemming the bottom edge, you could use the excess to make a valance for your kitchen window and placemats for the table.

Looks good, girl!

Chandra Chinnis said...

I love long drapes but also think that shorter drapes work in certain situations. Being that I have 3 kids also I would definitely do shorter drapes in the kitchen nook. so go for what you like since you have to live with it. I can't wait to see them finished.

Jennifer said...

Ooh, I love that tablecloth, I drool over it on every target trip! Great choice! And I'm all for short curtains :)

Tammy said...

i pick short over a root canal!! and i think they look great, and so will yours. i love the table cloth you got, very cool.

check out my give away! thanks

Kelly at I Dream of Decor said...

love the tablecloths! I think they would be really cute as short drapes for a kitchen:) Can't wait to see what you decide!

Myssie said...

love the tablecloths! I prefer long drapes but I am sure that you are going to make them look fabulous!! ;)

Tammy@InStitches said...

That pattern is adorable and will look so good in there. If you like the short panels then do it, bring them down to the bottom of the apron. (the trim below the sill)

Anonymous said...

With my pets short drapes is a better choice. Love the pattern on the table cloth. Waaay cool!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

First of all, I adore the print on that tablecloth (er.. curtain) and I say short curtains are perfect in the kitchen - or bathroom, nowhere else!

Carmel @ Our Fifth House said...

I've never seen those at my Target! They're so pretty! I think short drapes are really fun and kind of whimsical!

TamStyles said...

I like all mine to hit the floor...but to each his/her own. still looks nice though.

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Wow, missed this post...I find them almost starting to slowly begin to maybe appeal to me in an odd, oh, I remember how sweet they looked in grandma's house kind of way. You just gave me an idea...wonder if I could find enough examples of these short curtains to write an Ideabook on Houzz? That would be fun! Janell

Darnetha said...

You are awesome, our target has a ton of tableclothes on sell and I have been eyeing one in particular but didn't know what I would do with it. And curtains for my kitchen would be great, thanks for the idea. Shorter drapes have their place, like in my boys room or my kids bathroom, cause longer drapes are not the answer for their spaces. So follow your heart and nothing else matters.

barbara@hodge:podge said...

Wow, those are fabulous tablecloths! I am not one to like short curtains, but that is a personal choice! I think that fabric will make great curtains!

Dayka (Life +Style) said...

i just don;t think i could do short drapes, but who knows--i might change my mind somewhere down the line! BTW, i love the tablecloth you found--will look GREAT as drapes.

Cindy at Some Really Neat Stuff said...

I used short curtains in my breakfast room because I don't want curtains at the floor in a room where food is served. You can see mine on my blog at http://somereallyneatstuff.blogspot.com/2011/02/breakfast-room-part-i.html.

Erika at BluLabel Bungalow said...

Such a great deal on the drapes. I swear you find the best deals at your Target. Having visited your home, I would probably like the long drapes on your window or even use the fabric for a cornice instead? I dunno just a suggestion.


I don't mind short but in this case I think long would be better.....Do you keep the blinds closed all the time? What about cafe...with a bamboo shade hung high to the ceiling???

Brooke's Closet said...

love ur table cloth!
SALES are always good too.

Love the nook changes and the short curtains.
Liking that table...

Good job

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