As you can see, my kitchen is very small.


Because of that, I must do all I can to maximize the the space.


Starting with the table and chairs, I originally planned to paint the table and find new chairs.  But the base of the table (I don’t have a picture, yet) is so “fat” that it just takes up too much visual space.  I prefer a table like with a base like this one:


Though the same style, the base is a lot thinner. And as for chairs, I like these


And I’ve seriously been thinking about a window seat in my kitchen.  Have any of you seen the Ikea Expedit bookcase turned on it’s side and used as a window seat?



(The above images were found on Apartment Therapy)

I think it’s a cool idea and would totally work as seating for the boys.  And it’s a major plus that I can place baskets in it to store different things like toys and school supplies for homework. 

Using a window seat might just make my idea for short drapes at the window make more sense to some of youWinking smile



And of course I’m still using these table cloths that I found for a great price at Target!

I’m going to do a part two to this post so I can talk about the rest of the plans for the space.  What do you think so far?!?

Happy Thursday!


Quintel @ Urban Paint said...

smart moves. i think the window seat is an excellent idea!

Brandi said...

I love the idea of having a window seat in the kitchen. Great idea to use a bookcase turned on it's side!!!

Mrs. Chic said...

I think truing the space into banquette seating will work perfectly!! I think you should keep your table though! Just paint it a fun color or white since one side will be used for seating the boys and the other the adults! That's my 2cents

LindsB said...

I love the bench idea, I think that would work perfect in your space!

Emily A. Clark said...

Why have I never thought about putting the Expedit under a window? Saving this idea for the kids rooms. Yay!

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

The window seat idea sounds great, and the fabric is very pretty.

Stacy of KSW said...

Love it my dear! Of course, I'm a fan of all your plans. You keep me motivated though. So much to show you ... soon, I promise

Carmel @ Our Fifth House said...

I'm still wondering my Target doesn't have those table linens! Love the idea of using that as a window seat!

Tia Brumbelow said...

LOVE the window seat idea!

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

I really do like the idea of the window seat with baskets underneath...great function! And the short drapes, that would look great with the bench beneath them.

Sorry I'm so late to the party here! The day got away from me...:)

Chandra Chinnis said...

Love the idea of the bookcase on its side as a window seat. I might even try it for another room.

Mr. Goodwill Hunting said...

The window seat would be so appropriate. I can't wait to see what you do!

Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Mom of 2 Cuties @ Sprinkles of Joy and Laughter said...

That is a great idea! If it needs to be a little taller for the table height you can add legs that can be found on line thru a supplier. I did that for a generic pine toy box along with some trim and a rich almost black paint. Can't wait to see it!
Enjoy your day

Brooke's Closet said...

get it get it!
The window seat will be Sweet!

Ur kitchen is so much bigger than mine....

come help me make some so needed changes..

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